Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I stepped on the scale this morning. I don't think I should do that on not WI days anymore. I'm not in any sort of happy numbers and I think if I don't see a 5 lb loss I'm not going to be happy. And of course as it was midweek and my muscles were sore (and retaining water?) and I had a really bad eating weekend, the number was up from my START after new year's. I am doing well exercising and alright eating so there's not much more I can do except persevere. But it's hard. I want results NOW! Also, I'm becoming more aware of how I look. I didn't think 10lbs could creep on without me noticing but it did happen. You know how people's body image sometimes gets screwed up? Like anorexics who think they look fat? Or like when you see somebody who really REALLY should not be wearing that shirt as it creeps up constantly and exposes muffin top bare skin, yet they think they look good? I had that going on. (not that bad I hope!) but I thought I looked the same for the last 3 months, it was a gradual change (mostly). But if I compare myself now to pictures then, eek! Heck, I can't even wear the same clothes! Strange how I didn't notice it. I guess the bright side is I had plenty of body confidence.

Yesterday I did a weight workout upstairs watching tropic thunder again. My upper body is so much stronger than my lower/core. I don't think most people are like that. Then I went downstairs to run and watched half of a Mad Men episode. Running felt really hard so instead of my proper intervals, I did lazy intervals of walking/running. I think that's ok, eventually I'll be back to my old running self. Again, impatient.

Thought I should post my food which is my biggest stumbling block. b - half bowl of special k satisfaction, half bowl of some kind of corn flakes/granola combo cereal (can't remember the name!) that's maple nut flavoured. The special K has lots of protein and fibre, but the other tastes good. Mixed together the maple nut flavour is so strong, the whole things tastes like it. with milk of course. Too full for banana after so brought it to work.

snack - probably banana! hopefully that's enough.

lunch - salad with leftover fish and new soy and ginger salad dressing (it's light). Plus probably grapes, carrots and 100 cal pack of cookie things (I've been really munchy after lunch lately, need all kinds of finger food, the carrots do fill me up a lot though)

snack - 2 mini yogurts, apple

supper - I've got italian sausage meat thawed. Probably cook it up in a spicy pasta thing. REminds me I should buy some zucchini and peppers to cook with it.

Tonight I've got my step class/weight class. It's mostly cardio step but 1/2 hour of upper body weights at the end. Probably won't need anything after it. Maybe a glass of milk. Pretty sure it will be straight to bed with me!

An aside, hubby put my curtain hooks up last night (after much nagging I'll admit) so I'm going to try and put the curtains up before class.


Jen said...

mmmm, all your food ideas made me hungry!! I find it funny because carrots do the ABSOLUTE opposite for's like they negate ANY other food I have put in my mouth that day and I am STARVING in the end...not nice!

I like to see results right away as well! Danny and I both worked our butts off last week and I had a 1.4 loss and he lost 4 lbs!!! pfft.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the exercise and I'm sure all your hard work will pay off. maybe not this week, but in the weeks to come for sure!

Vanessa said...

Funny how it creeps back up on you like that. Kind of a pain in the ass :P

I'm impatient too.

Tiffa said...

I totally hear you about it creeping up. Saw pics of myself on facebook and I nearly passed out... gross. :P

Sagan said...

Always good to have lots of body confidence! Am such a muncher throughout the day too.