Monday, January 26, 2009

And how was your weekend?

Mine was...alright.

I sort of hated it. Feel like I wasted it. Nothing bad happened though. Just not how I wanted to spend my free time.

Friday after we went to that little curves kinda gym, and then did my returns at Costco, hubby and I went home to his parents for the weekend. It was only supposed to be for Saturday to watch his nephew play hockey then come home. But his parents managed to guilt us into staying over one more night saying we'd play cards or something. But that never happened, instead hubby and my BIL slept on the couch, I went to church with the rest of the family, then we came home and went to bed. Boo. Then in the morning I wanted to leave by 10:00 so we could be home by noon. Never happened. Hubby got up at 10:00 and was packing the SUV but MIL was like "what? You're not staying for breakfast? It'll be done in 10 minutes!" which wasn't true, 1/2 hour later we sat down to eat, then, even though I think it pissed her off a bit, we put our dishes by the sink and took off. Didn't help clean up. But seriously, we had the SUV running! Whatever. She drove me a bit nuts, as per usual.

Then when we finally got home, my other BIL came over to help hubby put up the satellite dish (he promised he'd do it this weekend, and even though it was -40 out, he kept his promise). So from 2:00 to 7:00 at night they wired that in. But something didn't work and we're having an error about a switch so we might need a new part. So we have no tv. So last night I finally watched the Dark Knight. and of course it was good. Not as good as all the hype I don't think, but whatever.

I did work on my thesis edits a bit. Did not get done. Probably need another 2 days of it. Boo. Oh well. just get it done.

Eating wasn't great this weekend. Never is when I'm not at home. Had a sub on friday, all good there. Saturday we ate lunch out and I had a clubhouse, but no fries. and a little bag of 5cent candies and some almonds that I packed. Then supper MIL made chicken fettucini alfredo, full fat cream. With creamy coleslaw and leftover creamy potato salad. I had small servings of each. I was just so conscious of how different it would be from what I would make for supper.

Then dessert she brought out all these Christmas treats from the freezer. I ate like 3 pieces of cake. It was a waste. I wanted to try everything but shouldn't have. Should have had a small piece of carrot cake, the rest was only ok. Or had none of it. I wasn't hungry. I should have drank more water, I never drink enough back home.

Supper yesterday was good though. I cooked steak, oven roasted potatoes and mixed veggies. YUM!

I got no exercise saturday and sunday. After 7 straight days. that sort of sucks. But this week I want to try and workout every day again. It's trickier because the treadmill is currently buried in the basement with all the stuff we moved to insulate the walls.

Anyway, I'm going to make weekly goals for this week:
1. exercise monday to friday. 5 days.
2. salads for lunch every day. (if I take some time and add more veggies, I LOVE salads)

That's lots.

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