Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The plan

The dress dilemma is solved for me. I got an email from A (the girl I was talking to re: interview) and since I have to commute so basically need to kill time after work before coming in, she suggested I come in to take her Group Power class and then do the tour and stuff after! So I will be wearing my fake lulu best! (unless I splurge and go shopping tonight and buy a non-fake lulu top! I like my pants I think, but there does seem to be something dressier about real lulu. heck, waitresses wear it instead of dress pants and a nice top now!)

So right after work tomorrow I get to go to this new fancy pants gym and take a free weight class, impress the instructor (I have no doubt I will! I kill at strength!) then get a tour and talk to her about stuff. SO excited! (BTW, Jen, I was picturing EXACTLY what you said, a nice athletic zip up, probably still wear this over my exercise stuff post class).

Yesterday my sis and I had that free "personal training" session right? What false advertising! this "gym" is basically Curves. The training, was this girl showing us the circuit (and the most crazy irritating girl ever! VERY unprofessional, no people skills, I'll get into it). Well first she did take our measurements. Guess my bodyfat. no wait don't, that might get insulting, and if it's not insulting it will make me feel bad for not being what you think. It was 25%. Not too shabby! I'm pretty happy with that. Though I think it might be inaccurate. My sister, who hasn't worked out in a year, is very thin (has a 24" waist, really narrow ribs etc) has a bf of 13%. Apparently you can't give blood if you're less than 15%. So she's unhealthy skinny, though to look at her, she isn't. She's definately got some chub in the thigh/butt. She's really normal looking. I bet the machine is off by a good 3% at least (I bet I'm 28%). Anyway. It was interesting.

The girl is measuring us and is all spazzy and loud. measures my sister's thigh and was like, "oh there's your jiggle. Just a little jiggle, but that's ok, guys like that. there's always room for Jello!" Weird. Measures my chest and was like "you got the boobs in the family obviously" and so on. Then she's teaching the exercises and at least gives slight variations to sis and me based on our obvious strength difference. So I wait on the bike while she shows Sis around, no big deal, then my turn. She does 1 move of the machine or whatever then says you try, I do one, she watches American Idol while I do, then is like "good job, now next is..." There's 22 things, half are machines, half are like jumping jacks or abs on a ball etc. She doesn't write down what we're supposed to do, we're just supposed to remember next time we come in. She randomly starts screaming about American Idol and singing periodically while showing us stuff. She is all "oh geez you guys are way too young to get married! Well I guess people are getting married younger again, that's ok I guess as long as you stay married, too many people are getting divorced". Yeah that's what my sister wants to hear before her wedding. Nice. She shows us exercises that are not safe or helpful. Like overextension sit ups. Like arch your back way over then up. or extend your legs and bring them down to the floor. Fine, but didn't mention keep your back pushed against the mat and belly button sucked in. Just had really poor technique on everything.

Most of the other women were really out of shape, overweight mom type people. (which is good that they're exercising, I'm in favor of that) but the things they were doing were so inappropriate for their fitness level and really won't help them lose fat at all. (she mentioned I've got some pudge in the belly, which is true and didn't offend me really, just a strange thing to just say to somebody, anyway, so she focused on ab exercises for me. That makes no sense. But doing more crunches, I will not burn off belly fat!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, so aside from hating her and thinking she was teaching things poorly and feeling bad for people who didn't know better like me, it wasn't horrible. After she showed it, I did my circuit once. (there was a thing that said switch stations every 40 seconds, some days it's 60, some it's 30. you work out for 30 minutes) Anyway, I did my circuit one through the whole thing, it was all too easy. after the 40 seconds I was warm and heart rate up, but my muscles weren't tired, I felt like maybe after a brisk walk. I guess I was in better shape than most of the clients (she even commented and assumed I must teach aerobics, and I got to say, not yet, but I'm taking a class in Feb!). Sis liked it though, she doesn't work out, and there's a locationg right by her house, and we can get a cheaper deal $35 a month. Plus it's got a steam room and tanning and stuff. I just feel like I'm more advanced than it. Plus that lady was annoying and I have a hard enough time liking nice people (HA! I'm such a bitch).

The place that's sore on me today are my sides, there were a lot of side twists and crunches and just stand on this lazy susan thing and twist side to side. I usually avoid that stuff because I get thicker from it, but I guess it would be a definate weakness of mine. Interesting.

Hubby wasn't feeling all that supportive about me teaching last night. Sorta sucked. But here's his point of view which I understand. First he hinted that he might be jealous or worried if I spend all this time in a gym looking at gym guys and being an instructor so people would be looking at me. Fair enough, but I think it's really he's jealous that I'll be doing that and he won't. I think it's sort of the sabatoge thing you get with girlfriends, like if they're on a diet you bring them cake ya know? You don't want somebody doing better than you. And hubby really doesn't want to lose weight enough to do anything serious about it, so sort of doesn't want me to lose weight and get in shape ya know?

PLUS, he's sort of nervous that I won't do things like make supper and clean the house any more. He admitted it's selfish but still feels like that. However he thought it would be like every night, when it's only going to be like 2 nights a week or something. Plus it would replace the 2 nights I go to class if I'm teaching.

AND he sort of felt like it wasn't fair that I got to go out, get a side job make money, when he has to finish the basement and doesn't get paid for that. THAT one hit me a bit. I do feel guilty that he has to finish the basement. He's been offered tons of times little side jobs of building sheds for money and stuff. So I understand that one. Sort of. At the same time, he ISN'T finishing the basement. He's been doing it for a year and we have a closet built basically. I said we could hire somebody but he doesn't want to do that. At the same time, as a couple, it's sort of his thing he can do for us for now, I'm sure it won't be fair once we have kids and I do something there. Or that I make supper all the time, from now until we die, whereas once the basement's done, he's done. He's acknowledged all this before and knows it's sort of superficial and selfish, but you can't help how you feel. Plus it's a lot of work to finish a basement. Physical work, and he's got a physical job that he puts in long hours at. So he's tired. I get that. And he said that he still wants me to do this and it's great that I have been offered this and people reckognize that I'll be good at it and everything, this is just how he feels.

So I think I reassured him that I would still take care of the house and supper and everything. It wouldn't change much from how it is now where I'm gone a couple hours a few nights a week. Only I'd be getting paid. And yeah I'd sort of like to keep some of that money just for me, but we can arrange something too.

PLUS then I did a great overhaul of the house really quickly and helped him in the basement for an hour. And then I made him get out a calendar and we scheduled out basement goals. I think mostly having the huge task of "finish the basement" was sort of frustrating him (sort of like "lose 30 lbs"?) so we broke it into little steps and then looked at the calendar to see when he could get each one done. I think that helped a lot, and made him really excited to work on it. For instance, by this weekend, we're going to have all the "stuff" out and into the garage. (he currently has no room to work so we're going to sacrifice the garage until it's done). Then by the end of february he's going to have the whole thing framed and insulated or something. The whole basement will be done by July with the exception of the bathroom, which will be the end of summer. Cool huh? When we were done making that, he thanked me for making him do it. Aww.

It basically means that he'll be working on that most nights of the week and at least one weekend day. I get to help when I can, (hauling stuff outside, painting etc) but mostly he's alone or with his buddies who know what they're doing. But I think that will help him almost want me to be gone more, so he can focus down there, we wouldn't see each other anyway. (not that we see each other much now, but that's on his end with hockey or going out with friends or napping, but I still have supper ready for him!)

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed that he wasn't excited for me. But he was happy for me, just also nervous about how it would affect him. I get this, I'm like that too, (though I usually try to put the happy face on first!). But I guess that's why I've got you guys right? Your encouragement and excitement really was perfect so thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Ugh, what a downer post. I hate it. Now that you're done, re-read the first 2 paragraphs, they were happy and exciting!

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Tiffa said...

I can't believe your experience at that gym. I was seriously laughing out loud reading that about what she was saying to you guys.... HOLY! This is how not to be a professional whatever she is. LOL