Thursday, January 29, 2009


I don't really think I have anything to say today. I ran on the treadmill yesterday for 30 minutes. It is so hard for some reason! Can't wait to go outside. Gotta get back into running though because I've got a 10K in May I wanna run. I wanna make sure I'm back to being awesome though by then because I'm running it with some girlfriends who know how fast I was last year.

Um, food is ok. Last night's supper was poor. PB toast and 2 bananas. Should have done better. Forgot to thaw anything out for tonight too. Oops. Oh well I'll find something. Maybe fish?

Still no tv so I won't be watching Grey's. That's ok, the show is sort of annoying anyway. (so fake and over dramatic.)

Um, lunch time now. Thank goodness it's thursday, I need a weekend.


Anonymous said...

good thing grey's is a repeat this week - next week is a 2 hour combo episode with private practice - pumped!!

Sara said...

I'm totally not into Grey's - I'm a CSI girl!

I'm doing a 10k race in May too! A trail race. But I'm too wimpy to run outside right now!

the new sarah sundae said...

Yes, "Grey's" is a repeat so you aren't missing anything tonight. Right now it's still my favorite show even though everyone else seems to hate it.

MizFit said...

I know.
I broke up with Greys a while back.

just as they were speeeeding up to jump the proverbial shark :)