Thursday, May 14, 2009

been a long time been a long time been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time

I haven't posted for 2 days! Weird. Not like me. I thought about it, but I was just too busy with work. I LOVE being busy with work. At least this work. It challenges me and I rise to meet it. Hurray!

Waiting on a review now before I can do anything else really. It's odd when you've got people in Australia that you need to help you out with stuff, there's basically a day delay in getting anything done.

What have you missed? well I'm back on the TT bandwagon (that's the weight program I did way back in 2007 and it was what I was doing to lose most of my weight. Why didn't I go back here earlier?) It feel fairly easy at the time (only about 20 minute workouts!) but I do feel sore in my muscles the next day. And so far the scale is being fairly kind (and I've eaten pasta twice this week! crazy!). So we'll keep it up for as long as it's working. I've got a bridesmaid dress to rock in just 3 weeks!!!!!

Don't think there's much else new. I teach 3 times this week, and I am really sick of the routine, I think this saturday i'm going to learn at least a few new tracks (now that my taping is over I can do this). We'll see how it goes. The plan is now to go home Sunday and stay over until monday (did you know it's already the long weekend?). Hubby needs to help get my mom's house in shape for a gift opening (he's building some stuff). I need to just visit. Plus I like short trips when I still get to have a weekend.

Also, we can visit hubby's grandpa who moved into a nursing home, he's not doing so well any more (he is 94 or so...)

It's freezing cold here so I havne't been running lately. As in literally freezing, 0 degrees, snow today. People often go camping May long weekend! WTF? It's supposed to be a little warmer soon.

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Vanessa said...

The friggin' snow we've been having lately has GOT to go! Grrr...