Friday, May 15, 2009

why didn't you remind me?

How well ANYTHING to do with weights works for me? In particular this Turbulence Training stuff? I dug out the old workouts and did only 2 this week, only did the interval running once. Plus a couple step classes. Scale showed me 143.something! hurray! Last week was 145.something.

Food has been mostly good, but I haven't been able to avoid the twizzlers hubby left on the cupboard. They're those super thick purple ones ya know? They're 110 calories each! Ugh! But lunches have been super good. Lots of salads and fruits and veggies. Plus I started to realize when I'm full and stop. Well at least slow down (sometimes I still need something sweet right?)

Mostly I credit it to the weight stuff. I haven't even been doing hard workouts. But I can feel it a bit on my hamstrings and back, just a few places.

Anyway, I have to buy some grad presents after work for hubby's cousin's kids. Grad party Saturday we're supposed to go to. We were thinking maybe a cooler for each of them and hot dog sticks. I really can't remember what a good present would be. I don't think they're moving out, so kitchen/house things would just be in storage.

Speaking of presents. I need an idea for a 5 year anniversary present for hubby. Anniversary in 2 weeks. I was going to get him tickets to a World Junior Hockey game that's in S'toon this year (like December, but tickets are on sale now). BUT so far you can only buy ticket packages, so that's like every single game for thousands of dollars. No thanks.

The only other idea I had was to buy him this $200 bat he wants for ball. I think it's a sort of lame present for an anniversary, but it is something he really wants. Normally I'd say let's just DO something like go on a trip or whatever, but a while ago I told him that he has to buy me a present for this anniversary (I was thinking jewelry, something sentimental I could pass down to kids or something. But I think he missed that clue, and is getting me little random things, picture frames, kitchen stuff, socks, etc. That's how he usually shops for me. Like "oh crap, I need something Randi would like, here's a green headband, she likes green. Oh and how about silicone muffin pans, she always bakes muffins." Instead of thinking of 1 good idea and hunting it down. Oh well, I think this is a classic "wife" dilemma)

Anyway, I bought him a nice watch just a year ago for his birthday, he just bought himself a table saw (the big ticket thing he wanted). He doesn't wear jewelry, has flasks and pocket watches and all that other silly engraved stuff. It doesn't have to be that expensive, just something sort of nice. Let me know what you'd do!

Weekend tomorrow! I'm expecting my new camera bag to be delivered today, (well I hope, otherwise it's tuesday with the long weekend!). Shopping tonight (for grad presents at least). Tomorrow I teach in the morning, then was going to start learning some new tracks for Step, also want to clean the house, maybe do some baking. Maybe take some pictures. It's supposed to warm up a little and I want some spring nature pictures (buds on trees, tulips etc). Hopefully run. Then the party Saturday night. Sunday sometime we're going home to my parents house so hubby can build some stuff for their backyard (getting ready for sis's wedding in 3 weeks!). I'm going to help mom with some baking and cleaning at home.

The reason for all the baking I want to do is because I want to make a scrapbook cook book for sis's shower (2 weeks!) of all the best family recipes. I've only got like 3 great pictures so far. I need buns with mom, artichoke spinach dip (I might just make this and freeze it or something), maybe lasagna, rhubarb punch (how's that going to happen? Maybe we've got frozen rhubarb or something). Plus I want to get all my pictures before next weekend (23rd) because I'm going to a scrapbook retreat that my SIL is running and that would be perfect to work on then. But I was also thinking of doing it all digital so it looks a little more professional. We'll see how many pictures I can get done.

Man I wish I thought of that earlier and worked on it sooner.

ok, should look for some work now.


Vanessa said...

I bought the boyfriend an engraved flask for our I'm SOL for good ideas for you! :P

Glad to hear things are going well. Hooray for weights!

Jen said...

Hm...tough call!!! Last year was mine and the husbands 5th wedding anniversary and I bought him a ring (we had to replace my set 2 years ago and his ring didn't match mine - I know it's silly). And he bought me an infinity necklace from Tiffany. Usually I send him a list of things I like...I know THAT is silly too, but he straight out admitted that he doesn't know what I like...well he does, but he has problems picking it out I help him out...and I send random things in the same family (like this year I would like earrings, so I send a WHOLE bunch of styles that I like) it's still like a surprise...though he does surprise me every once in a while...

ANYWAY, this year for Valentines (it just happened around then), we had a piece of jewelry made for me...I loved that because it's something unique and special that nobody else has and I can keep it forever!!!

WOO for getting back into weights!!! I will remind you if ever need be!!!

eurydice said...

is there anything big you could get him - like a new bike maybe?

eurydice said...

no fruit ;)

tash said...

I miss your posts - please write some soon :)

Sagan said...

I'm always surprised with the strength training too- somehow it just shows results like THAT!