Monday, May 4, 2009

monday monday

Hm, it's Monday. welcome.

For some reason I always feel welcomey and weird on Mondays. You'd think it would be Wednesdays since that would sound cooler.

I've got a headache.

My weekend was fun. I didn't do much. Don't even remember friday night. It was very mellow I'm sure. I played a lot with photoshop and edited all the pictures I want to keep. It really makes a crazy difference. If I remember I'll do a before and after when I get home tonight.

Saturday I baked (as I said before). Basically all day. Also went for a long run. First long run of the year. It was only 6.5 km or so. Less than 40 minutes. But it was great. It was really windy. but nice and warm. I gotta get Daisy in shape, she was puttering out by the end. How will she do 1 hour?

The amazing thing about long runs is the instant body boost. I was instantly skinnier. No joke. I'm not sure why at all. But my whole torso leaned out post run. I think something about tensing my core and stuff. Loved it. Plus I think that my better eating is finally showing some results. Maybe I'll take measurements this week.

Granted the eating on the weekend was enough to probably push me back where I was. I should have put the cookies in the freezer instantly. Instead I ate probably a dozen. (they're for sis's shower, otherwise I wouldn't have made them at all!) Plus I needed groceries all weekend but was waiting for today, 10% off day.

I watched Into the Wild. Sort of upset me a little. I didn't know it was a true story. I get a little disturbed and bothered by "anti-establishment" movies, those and drug movies. Bother me. This was a really good movie though. I liked it a lot, but it bothered me. make sense?

Sunday went shopping for sis's stagette. bought tropical things, for the honeymoon theme. Was fun. Also a few things at Walmart. I was going to shop for clothes but never. Maybe wednesday or something. I need something to wear to the shower. I don't like any of my clothes right now. Plus I've got $100 mall gift certificate from my birthday. PLUS, I'm not feeling terrible about my body.

Last night took the camera out and watched hubby play ball. It was just a scrum (is that the right word?) not a game. Man I love my camera. I love zoom. I do need to practice with the manual focus though, I think it will be better than auto for ball (when people are moving, I have lots of clear backgrounds when they moved out of the main part). Their first game is Wednesday. Hubby and I are going to make baseball cards for everyone. (I took a few really really good pictures of one dude and I told him I'd make him a baseball card out of it, hubby wants to do them for everyone now, he'll make up stats or whatever for the back. fun).

what else?

Today I went out for lunch with my girlfriend and met her baby. Her husband just started working at my work! That means they're moving home from Edmonton! yay! They're hubby and my best "couple" friends. Well they aren't because they live in Edmonton, but they're the one couple that we can't think of one bad thing to say about them and we always want to hang out with them more.

Tomorrow I've got lunch with my other girlfriends. Then I took friday off for my mani and pedi with my mom and sis. always something to look forward to! great week!

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Jen said...

That is SUCH a neat idea for the baseball cards!!! Plus it should be fun (more play time with the camera, right??)

It sounds like you have such a great week ahead of you!!! Hopefully it just flies by!!!