Thursday, May 7, 2009



So it's finally my friday. Yippee! counting down the hours. day off tomorrow!

The only problem is, I need to print out 500 pages before I go. And I'm trying to do it stealthy. I've decided I'm REALLY wrapping up my thesis tomorrow, as in, gotta get the printed copies bound. And we have 1 printer here at work, and it's slow. I've been throwing in 40 pages at a time during the day (I really could just say what's going on, but I think I already gave the impression that this was all done... lies!) So I might have to stay late to finish that up. boo. (I did do a bunch of printing last night, but I think I broke the printer...)

I would love to just go to Staples, but I need 7 copies of my 160 page thesis (I already have 3 copies done). and most of it is color. So that's like $500! If it was $100 I'd do it. but 5? ugh.

Yesterday I went home and ate quickly, then changed for a quick run to watch ball (only like a 15 minute run from my house). It was cold and looked like rain, so I wore my yoga pants, then a tank, a long sleeve shirt, a zip up, AND a bunnyhug, and a toque and gloves. I felt fine on the jog there. But sitting and taking pictures, and the wind picking up made me COLD! I was super freezing, the girls all huddled on the bench under a blanket and fought over which girl got to sit that inning. boo weather. I think it was -5?

So the pictures I got are all of people shivering, sort of funny.

Hubby hit his first ever home run over the fence! yay hubby! He was so excited, all winter he talked about how he was going to do it this season, and then he does it on the first game! Of course the pictures I got of it are crap because I was hurrying to get them, not paying attention to my focus or settings. They're all over exposed and blurry. Like the worst pictures ever of anything, and that's what I got. oh well. I'll take a picture some other time and pretend it was his homerun, no one will ever know...

I don't teach today. I think I'll do a weight workout. Watch Lost. clean the house for my mommy staying over friday. start my wonderful weekend!


Jen said...

OOH, Season Finale of Lost next week!!! So exciting!!!

I hope you can get all of your printing done at home!! i try to use my printer at work as much as possible!!! I don't want to pay for copies when I can get them here!!!!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

I missed like the last 5 episodes of Lost so now i have to go and download them and catch up!

YAY hubby!!! I'm sure you're master photoshopping will fix them up beautifully.

Lainey said...

Hope you get all your stealthy photocopying done and don't have to stay late tonight! LOL!