Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 lbs down the drain

toilets are like drains right? I won't get too graphic, but I had a bit of tummy troubles yesterday and woke up 3 lbs lighter. Sweet right?

It really only was affecting me for about 2 hours. (right before step class! eek!) but I was completely fine through the class, thank god! I only have 1 more team teaching and then I'm on my own! cool!

So after class rushed back home. Steamed up some more broccoli (LOVE IT!) a little cheddar on top this time and a side of peanut butter toast. Then sis and mom were there and we were off to try on her dress. I took a dozen pictures of her. She looked so amazing. even her hair in a messy side pony looked stunning. My sis is gorgeous. Her waist is probably 19 inches (wasn't that Scarlette O'Hara's waist in a corset?) She just has a really odd body shape that includes a miniscule waist. Her hips are normal (size 29" jeans?) and her shoulders are fairly normal (she's a bit narrow). Anyway, so of course she looked just like Barbie bride in her dress (well with dark hair). She's also got 4.5" heels to wear for the ceremony so she's 5'11". Anyway, that was really fun. And the seamstress was super nice and helpful and practical. Because sis won't wear the huge shoes all night, she sort of needs to hem heights. So the seamstress is going to put snaps in so we can adjust the length for her later on (luckily the skirt is the whipped cream kind so it won't look bad without crisp folds or something). Plus her dress was cheap because this seamstress orders them direct from the companies and does it out of her house so no overhead. In a store it would be like $1000, she sold it to sis for $550. Nice huh?

Anyway, then we went back to my house. Just visited with my mom a bit. Talked taxes and jobs and stuff. I love talking to my mom. Then all of a sudden it was after 11:00 and we had to go to bed.

Eats today are great again. If I distract myself with water I really am not hungry for a morning snack. (just like food!). Lunch is a ham sandwich with mustard. Got grapes, carrots, a yogurt and cantaloup to fill out lunch and snacks. Forgot to thaw anything for supper. I was thinking quesadillas. Oh! Hubby's home today, I'll get him to thaw some chicken! Hurray!

Activities tonight involve walking/running the dog (It's chilly out here still, we'll see if I can tough it out for a run) and weights. And slideshow making for sis's wedding. I gotta edit some photos and download some songs (any good suggestions? What did you have? We're avoiding country though). But I'll probably just play with photoshop most of the night. Gosh it's fun. I'll try and do some pictures I can put up here. I feel bad putting up people without their consent, but I don't want to ask them for it.


tash said...

Your sister sounds georgous!

Jen said...

oh yay!!! I bet last night was great!!!! (Wasn't Scarletts waist 17"?? - either way, 19" is super small!)

Are you feeling better now today???

Vanessa said...

Your sister sounds stunning! Great deal on the dress, too.