Thursday, April 2, 2009

baby talk

This is unrelated to working out or food or weight.

I had a dream last night. First, I never have dreams. EVER. (yes I know I probably have dreams because everyone dreams, but they must be of like a counter top or something boring, plus I never remember them). Anyway, I dreamed that I was pregnant and had twins and we didn't know they were twins and they were early, and we left the hospital and forgot to name them and I was struggling with feeding and holding twins and hubby wasn't helping, he was visiting with his family who came to see us and the babies, and then I realized that I forgot to call my mom and tell her I had the babies. Isn't that weird? (granted all dreams are weird, but still).

I heard before that baby dreams are almost always true. Like if a mom dreams she's pregnant with a girl, then she has a girl. I wonder if it's true about twins. But maybe you have to be pregnant for your baby dreams to be real. I'm not pregnant, but it is now on the table. Weird.

I hope I have twins.


Jen said...

I would LOVE To have twins!!! Most people say that's crazy, but I agree with you! I want two and I would LOVE to just "get it over with" you know??? I don't like the thought of giving two at once?? Sign me up!!!

I had a weird baby dream a couple of weeks ago!!! It was super weird and now I can't even remember it!!!

Do you think you could be pregnant???

Angie All The Way said...

Hubby keeps assuming that we're going to have multiples because they run in my family. He actually is preparing himself mentally for it by referring to the "quads" or the "triplets" when referring to when we actually try. It's funny.

I would all of those things in your dream were a consolidation of anxiety associated with taking that step to building your family. It sounds like an exact dream I would have or have had with all of those little things going wrong etc.

My friend is having a baby and I dreampt she is having a girl and she just confirmed it on Sunday that she is having a girl :-D 50-50 chance though, right?!

katieo said...

For the record, both me and my husband have had "baby" dreams, too, with various pregnancies. Every dream has been with a baby girl in it. Go figure. ;)