Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend blah, new week rah!

Says it all. Weekend was nothing to write home about. (but apparently enough to write a blog about?) too much inlaws in one dose. Left me annoyed. Also left me feeling bad. I dunno what caused it, but Sunday night I was bummed. I was not looking forward to work today, (did not finish the report last friday so thought I'd be in hot water), was sad because none of my clothes fit, sad because hubby was annoyed at me. Just bummed. It's all better today and I feel better about everything. Strange for a Monday morning huh?

Highlights: supper out with SILs, fun. Got some good usage out of my camera. LOVE IT! really did well at supper, barely trying any of the appetizer (basically one pita bread piece with artichoke dip), eating only half of my sandwich (some sort of chicken and brie with fig and pear sandwhich, SO good!). No dessert. Then we went to see He's Just Not That Into You in the cheap theatre (couldn't have cared less. The movie pissed me off because if people are really like that then they deserve exactly the unhappiness they get. Wow, maybe I'm still cranky?)

Unfortunately when I got home, I ate half of hubby's cheeseburger from McD's and the other half of my sandwich. Random.

Saturday cleaned house for MIL's visit. Went in to SIL's for her daughter's 1st birthday party. We got a dud present. Bought her a foamy stuffed princess chair, she's already got a blue one. Oh well. Was bored at the party. Took a billion pictures. I don't visit enough for neice to know me or for me to know anything about her, like oh that means she's tired, yes of course she can have a snack, don't let her touch the cat. so I just took pictures of her with everyone else. I'm fine with it though.

Sunday MIL and FIL stayed over so we made them breakfast. This can be nothing besides bacon and eggs or FIL flips. I made belgium waffles one time and he was like "oh, don't you have any bacon?" so we had to fry some up anyway. whatever. Then I had to ditch to teach class. I come back, and MIL had rewashed my refridgerator (that I washed since we got a new one). Apparently I don't do a good enough job. Not like she said anything mean like that, she thought she was doing me a favour. But still right?

Then followed them around shopping for the afternoon. Then out for supper (buffet! boo!) where I didn't do that great. (only 1 plate, but chinese food, and dessert).

So that was the blah weekend.

The rah week is this: I was complaining to hubby about how I'm not losing any weight because I keep letting myself off the hook and not really trying and blahdiddyblah. And he was floored because he was like "but you're exercising all the time!" and I explained how you can't out exercise a bad diet, and how tons of people lose weight without working out (which isn't the best, but can be done). And so it sort of inspired HIM and was asking me all these questions about it, and we figured out his rough calorie intake, that's keeping him maintaining (2600 cal, on a good day, I don't know much about guy's numbers, but hubby is only 5'5 and we weighed the same at our wedding). So I explained that if he just cut back to 2200 or something, a day, he'd lose weight. As in, ditch the pop and 1 babybel cheese. Trade snacks of crackers with carrots. Then keep everything else the same.

So we're both going to work on it together now until sis's wedding (6 weeks?) I've got the PVR filled with X-weighted and 10lb bootcamp and biggest loser so I've got lots of inspiration when I need it. Plus since hubby's on bored I can cook only healthy foods, and hide most of our snacks downstairs (no not hidden, but with us working on finishing the basement, it's an obstacle course to get to them. should be discouraging!) PLUS the weather's nice so I can run. I like to run. (if only the wind would die down for 30 minutes every night!)

So lofty goals but supported with big plans. Spells success right?


Jen said...

You MUST have been at Earls then!! I LOVE that brie and chicken sandwich - it is my fave!!!

I liked "He's just not that into you"...but the cheating story line made me angry!!!!!!

I love how excited you are on a Monday!

tash said...

It sucks that you are bummed out - but at least you love your camera!

Sarah said...

That is awesome about hubby working out with you! Have fun! Hopefully he sticks with it, it's so much more fun to have a partner!

Angie All The Way said...

I'm glad that you and hubby are going to be on the same page with the approach. It helps to have someone right there that's paying attention to it too.

You can totally do it Randi, and so can I. We could have slammed it 10 times over by now if we had just stuck to it long enough right?