Thursday, April 9, 2009

sunset pictures and my dog.

Here's my dog. and the sunset from our nice little photoshoot the other day. Too bad I had to leave her color and long leash on or I was scared she'd run away. I think I might not have to worry about it since she rarely hit the end of her leash.

Here's my pretty dog. The sky is washed out but that had to happen to get Daisy not a silhouette. Pretty huh?
This if the view outside my back door. Nice sky, skyline isn't that great but whatever.
This one is from our honeymoon. That's hubby and I. I just photoshopped it up a bit. Added some contrast and brightened the colors. Beauty huh?


Vanessa said...

Awww, your dog is a cutie! Great pics :)

Jen said...

look at you!!! Those pictures are great!!!!

Did you photoshop all of those???

Sagan said...

Those photos are all so beautiful! Definitely frame-worthy.

Sara said...

wow great pics!

eurydice said...

Wow - i'm very impressed Randi!

healthy ashley said...

I love all the photos! That last one is especially great :)