Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Monday, the current air temperature is 4 degrees

Chilly. Boo. Oh well. Moving on.

I had a good weekend! Thanks for asking! It was very busy, as all weekends tend to be. I had so much fun friday night playing volleyball with my girlfriends. Turns out I miss it a little bit (in high school, I basically overdosed on volleyball, doing several hours of practice or games or training 6 days a week for about 6 months. way way way too much. But we did win provincials.) Anyway, I was burnt out and never wanted to play again. Fast forward 9 years, it was fun!

However, my body is less than thrilled. I wasn't too sore, a bit in the shoulders, but that lasted half a day. No, my body looks abused. And like a crazy weird drug addict. I burst all sort of little blood vessels in my forearms from passing. Looks like hundreds of needle marks. Which is now bruising, and giving me a sort of weird grey tan. I also skinned my hip on a dive. And bruised up both my knees (no knee pads!) Plus, I don't know what I did but I hurt my wrist and have a big lump that's slowly changing colors. I'll try and remember to take pictures. It's nasty. But it was fun.

Then Saturday I had to play on hubby's plastic bat and ball team. I just hated every minute. I'm not a bad ball player, but I think I just don't enjoy "beer league" team sports. Or maybe the fact that it wasn't my close friends. Even this ridiculous game where you have to wear a childsize purple or green ball glove and play with a wiffle ball and there was no pressure or real skill involved (girls got more homeruns than boys, if you hit the ball into random nets on the ceiling it was a homerun.) I still felt bad every time I got out, and I felt stressed out when running bases and dreaded my turn to bat. I wanted to just take pictures. Then when we lost and just were hanging out for drinks, I wanted to go home. It is so boring just drinking. They weren't even really talking. Just drinking together in silence, nodding to each other if a hot chick passed the table. Ugh.

When we finally did go back to my house, the team came over since it was only 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. So I hit the kitchen and whipped up a ton a snacks. I made 2 different hot dips, breadsticks (from scratch), thawed some chicken pot pie pockets, made tortilla roll-ups, and some guacamole for myself. Plus hubby barbequed tons of elk sausage and we fed everyone supper. It was ridiculous. But I just kept cooking because I didn't want to just sit and be bored watching the hockey game (I wanted everyone to leave so I could do laundry and watch whatever I PVR'd earlier, and play with photoshop on my laptop). So this lame visiting went on for several hours until people left around 9:00. Then it was basically straight to bed. I was pooped.

Sunday I slept in until my class then came home and did more lazing around. Did get a run in with Daisy which was nice. It was gorgeous yesterday, and now it's yucky so I'm glad I took advantage of it.

Speaking of playing with photoshop, I can now exchange faces. I'm a super-pro. I took a picture of SIL and traded her face with BIL, it was hilarious and looked really good. What ridiculous things I do to waste time huh?

Tonight I have to clean the house, change the sheets and do weights. My mom is coming over tomorrow night and staying over (we're going with Sis to get her dress fitted. aww...)

Oh, and that shower/stagette thing, things are getting cleared up. And I don't think anyone's feelings are hurt.


Jen said...

WOW that sounds brutal!!! (your volleyball wounds!) Strange how that happened hey????

Sounds like your weekend was pretty busy!!! That sucks that you didn't get to do a whole lot that YOU wanted to do on the day of the tournament!

tash said...

It's cute you are so into your camera! Post more pics :)

Vanessa said...

I haven't played volleyball since high school! Too much fun :)

I'm with Tash. More pics please, Ms. Photoshop Pro!

eurydice said...

That is chilly! It will be summer soon though!