Thursday, April 16, 2009

the blues

I've got the blues, but I'm not sad. So maybe the blahs. I'm actually pretty happy, so maybe it's the hmms.

I'm distracted and bored. When I read a book I can't stop reading it. I'm serious. I'll stay up all night, not make supper, eat out of a box, or not eat. Bring it to work, read it at stop lights in the car. Seriously. it's a problem.

Turns out I had nearly the same problem with reading all the posts from Pioneer Woman. (Honest to God, when did I tell you about that? well I've read every post now. Only have to keep up with the new ones).

So that was my little distraction last week or the week before.

Then I got my camera. Now my distraction is playing with it, googling photography, finding lenses on ebay. Hopefully once I buy the zoom lens I want I can move on with the obsession part.

For nearly the last 2 years, my obsession has been weight loss. Exercise, low cal recipes, different theories and strategies. But I am full up with that one now. I am tired of it. And I have a hard time spreading myself out into doing just SOME of something instead of all.

I am not an All or Nothing person WRT food and dieting. but in my "hobbies" I guess I am.

Before I lost weight I was all about the scrapbooking.

Hubby on the other hand is a little bit of everything person. A little bit of absolutely everything. He has a collection of collections. He's a little into sports (hockey, slow pitch, curling, golf, football at least), a little into video games (owning nearly every system, yet still rarely playing), a little into cars, a little into woodworking. etc etc.

I need to slide that way a little bit. When I exercise, that's about all I do. I make supper, clean up, exercise for an hour and wander around until bedtime. I need to be able to organize myself enough that I can do exercise and then still take pictures after. I know I have enough time, but my interest is generally so focussed.

In case you didn't catch on, I didn't exercise yesterday.

I've got step tonight. And I'm thinking about going to the gym early and doing weights there. We'll see when I get off work.

Ugh, this post bores me. It feels like "blah blah blah" Bullshit bullshit bullshit (but say it in the funny voice Kristen Bell had in Forgetting Sarah Marshall). I hate bullshit.


Marissa said...

I have to say I started reading Pioneer Woman after you mentioned it and I love it!! (She lives close to my hometown so I feel a special connection there.)

Just think of all that reading as doing research for me! :)

Jen said...

I get pretty consumed with books as well...I love reading though, so I am okay with it (close but not AS consumed as you...I will read WHILE making dinner and during lunch and at the stop light!) I am looking into getting an e-reader type thing so I can read more easily (like when working out so the pages don't flip closed) and carry more books with me!!!

I am a "dabbler" - I do a bit of everything, have huge collections of stuff and then go through "spurts" - I will scrapbook like mad for 2 months and then not touch it for 5, read like 50 books in 3 months and then not read for a while! Then my husband has to remind me how much stuff I have!!!

eurydice said...

i am the same way ... all or nothing. i have so many part-time hobbies that fall to the wayside because i just can't concentrate!

Sara said...

I'm totally a dabbler, like I just need to always be stimulated by something.

I love the pioneer woman website!! I just love the black heels posts!