Thursday, April 9, 2009

something real

So a real post. How do these work again?

My camera has been interfering with my workout. Well only yesterday. I got home late (my dad took me out for supper) and then the sun was setting so I loaded my camera and my dog and went to find pretty pictures. I got some good ones. Then I played with them in photoshop to make them even prettier! It was great. But took all night. Thank goodness it's the weekend so I have more time.

My dog is already annoyed with me taking her picture. She'll be sleeping in the middle of the floor and I'm clicking away. She'll open her eyes, basically roll her eyes at me, then get up and go put herself in her kennel. It's adorable. Hubby suggested I go buy myself some flowers today so I have something to take pictures of. Good idea.

So my eating's been only alright. I sort of just did normal things instead of being conscious about it. But my after supper snacking has been off so that's good. I'm almost getting sick of strawberries. So in a way that's good. I've been eating a lot of fruit. Last night with my dad I had a chicken quesadilla, not the best, not the worst. Ate 3/4 of it. Today at lunch the boss is ordering in pizza. I can definately handle that. I brought some fruit and yogurt for afternoon, so I'm sure I can have 2 pieces and call 'er quits. Not sure what's going on for supper. I'm going to my brother's house, last week they cooked for me, might just be cereal tonight. I teach at 6:45 on thursdays, so I go there after work and we all watch Lost together. It is so nice to have somebody else to watch Lost with. (they caught up last summer with the DVDs). It's the kind of show you need to say "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT! What do you think that means? How can they not remember this if it's the past? why didn't Sun go back too?" etc etc.

Speaking of class. I taught on Sunday and a girl fell and hurt her wrist (I had to get an ice pack from the front desk while the other instructor taught, then came back all flustered, JUST in time to teach my songs, ugh, there were mistakes). And then I taught on Tuesday and ANOTHER girl fell! Both times I wasn't instructing but still. That's weird, I've been taking step for years and never saw anybody fall. Hopefully it doesn't happen again today!

So thank goodness it's a long weekend. And also hurray for us not having plans. I feel sort of bad but I'm looking forward to NOT going home. It's always fine when we're there. but it just seems chaotic, with all the people and the driving back and forth (our parents are 5 minutes apart so we have to do everything twice) and the kids and the packing. I just like to be at home where I can be productive or be in charge of the remote or just leave the dishes and not have to be a good guest.

So what are my plans? I want to take pictures, I want to scrapbook, go for a run (we're supposed to hit 18 degrees saturday!), maybe 2 runs. Do some cooking/baking/preparing. Maybe hot crossed buns? though they're supposed to be done by now. Then Sunday I have to teach a class (who's going to come to a class Easter Sunday morning?) and then the rest of the day will be spent cleaning. Spring cleaning. MIL cleaning. They're coming and staying at our house the weekend after Easter. So I need to clean up my scrapbook room/spare bedroom, plus do a big dust and scrub on the whole house since my MIL is the exact sort of horrible MIL who will comment if there is toothpaste splatter on the bathroom mirror ("I guess you've been too busy to do house work lately with your new job"). Plus she complains about Daisy shedding or jumping on the couch. Well it's Daisy's house more than yours! Hm. I'm making up things she's going to say and then getting mad at her. That can't be healthy.

Ok, well gonna catch up on a few blogs. I feel behind, I haven't been commenting but I've been reading. I also plan on reading every last post of Pioneer Woman so I am no longer distracted constantly. I appologize to those of you whom I've infected as well.


Sarah said...

I've been totally doing the same things.. reading everyone's blog, but not commenting... no time I guess?

eurydice said...

i wanna see some pics of your dog.

Vanessa said...

I would love to see some pics! Get postin'. :)

Angie All The Way said...

Okay you're making me feel all anxious for not yet getting my photoshop butt in gear to get my wedding photos done. Okay, I'm starting that ASAP! (Plus I love it and it's fun!) Daisy's adorable!