Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm obsessed. seriously. Anybody else familiar with the Pioneer Woman? I couldn't do any work last week because of her. And my weekend was filled with her in so many ways (I made a modified version of this, it was super good, but very very bad.) I'm catching up on every post. Period. She's been doing this since 06 so I've got a lot of work ahead of me. But I can't seem to do anything except read it. Trouble.

So my weekend was great. Full of nothing. First weekend like that in a long time. But it also doesn't seem like nothing. Friday night was a wine tasting at my sister's. I drank POM juice and mango juice. Ate some cheese and grapes. Very mild though. But it went from 7:00 until 2:00!!! Wowza! Lots of visiting.

Then saturday was nothing most of the day, made cookies that were gross. walked the dog. read PW. Evening came, hubby and I hit up Nickelback! yay! We had floor seats, which means we had no seats. standing. Which is alright. Except when you have to stand for the 2 openers as well and all the waiting between sets. My feet and back killed. And I wore sensible shoes. I felt sorry for the girls in their spike heel boots. But only a little, because it meant they could see better too, I was on my tippytoes a lot. (openers were Saving Abel and Seether, both really good). But Nickelback was great. I knew every song which was nice, they didn't do any "new" stuff unreleased or anything.

What capped off the night was our parking. We were geniuses and didn't park in the parking lot, but rather a block over on a side street. So we could walk to our car, and drive instantly. I've been stuck in that darn parking lot for hours before.

Then Sunday I got up and went to teach class. It was alright. During the first track (the other girl taught) somebody tripped on her step and fell, hurting her wrist. Badly. She was crying in an emergency sort of way. So since I wasn't teaching, I went out with her and her husband and got ice for them and sort of felt silly because I didn't know what to do. Should I make her go to the doctor? Should I leave? What? Eventually they sort of thanked me and I took it as my cue to leave. Oh! just in time to teach track 2! I was a bit flustered at first and screwed up a little, but I got better as it went. I did a few tracks, then she did, then I did the cool down. I love the cool down and abs and stretching.

Anyway, I got groceries after that to save myself going today. Then home. Where I sat in front of the tv with my laptop for basically the rest of the day. I guess I also made banana bread and the PW pasta carbonara. (which is my lunch today, heaven!) I guess if you're going to do pasta, do it right huh? I didn't do the raw eggs like it says, since it grosses me out, I used cream, because I bought it to make pasta last week and didn't. It worked out well. But so much bacon and grease and butter! yum.

I can avoid my guilt by saying I rarely eat pasta, and this is so "hearty" I don't need a big serving. Plus I'm generally not scared of fat since it keeps me so full. (but bacon grease...still a bit scary).

Anyway, last night hubby and I sat down and watched a movie together (aside from all the movies we watched in the same room on and off all weekend). It was nice. Hubby's sort of waiting on the basement for a bit because we need an electrician, probably won't get one before Easter so we've got a week to hang out together. Nice.

Anyway, no class tonight, gonna run with the dog. Snow really disappeared a lot last week and my tulips are starting to peak out of the ground, that means it's time to run.


Lainey said...

Last fall, I stayed up practically all night one night reading Pioneer Woman's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" love story. I couldn't walk away!

Jen said...

I think i need to check out Pioneer Woman's site!!

I ALWAYS wear flats to a concert!!! Seriously, I couldn't wear heels because even if I HAVE a seat, I am not usually sitting!!!

sounds like the friday get together was a huge hit!!

Angie All The Way said...

Aw man I think you did the right thing with the girl who hurt herself. You can offer to call a paramedic or something like that, but can't make her go to the doc I suppose.

Thanks for ruining my life with that site! ;-P

eurydice said...

I am still so impressed that you are teaching a class - you are really doing it!

John Socrates Loyola said...

Very entertaining post! I had fun reading.

charm73 said...

OMG. I lurk on your site, never post... I had to check out PioneerWoman at work after you mentioned it... did NOTHING else all day but read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.... and i am back at work reading it again now. Thanks a lot (insert sarcasm here)

Sagan said...

Hope you had a good run with the dog! I get hooked on a food blog and read the whole thing. When I'm done, I find a new one. Hehe. So tasty.