Friday, April 17, 2009


So I spent the last hour in traffic trying to buy myself the new lens I want (GULP $400 later, add that to the $500 camera, plus I'd like a $60+ bag...) But I got it and now I'm so happy! I just want to ditch work and go play. But unfortunately I've got a big report to finish up. And it's not going smoothly. Grr..

Tonight, out for supper with SILs. Do my best with the health but I'm sure portions will be oversized. I'll stick to some chicken or salad. No drinks. Then tomorrow is my neice's 1st birthday. Probably have some birthday cake, but I think supper is going to be a roast or something. MIL and FIL will be in town staying at our place.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm buying AC/DC tickets. Sweet.

Sunday I think I solved my weight training dilema. I teach a class at 11:15, at 10:00 is a sculpt class. So I'm going to go to that. hurray!

(even though yesterday when I was exhausted and still had to clean the house and get to bed at a reasonable hour, I got my weights out and did a 20 minute full body circuit. yay me! I just dreaded coming on here again with another excuse for why I didn't do it.)

I weighed in today, I can't remember, 145.0 maybe? I didn't tell ya last week because it was a gain from before (146 something), but now it's a loss so I wish I did write it down. Frustrating little game I've got here.

Anyway, hours until the weekend, report to write.

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Sagan said...

Sounds like you're doing great with the exercise!