Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping moving

So last night I was peer pressured in to going out for supper with my sister and brothers. Not that I didn't want to go. But I wasn't going to, I don't like spending money eating out. Plus I don't like being social and always want to go home and do stuff by myself. However my sis knows this about me and manages to make me feel like I need to "do things". So we went out for pizza. Fancy restaurant gourmet pizza. I had a bourbon chicken pizza. It was good. Chicken breast and onions and mushrooms in a boubon barbeque sauce on a pizza crust. They were just individual size ones and I ate just over half. Plus a coke, not diet because she didn't hear that part and I don't like to be annoying (I should have said something).

Anyway, that means I didn't get home until 8:30. I tidied the house a little but then at 9:00 I did my strength workout! Even though it felt too late. But it was also finally a bit cooler by then so it wasn't torture (no AC, 30 degrees outside for the last couple days). I'm actually filling out a log of my exercise so I know how many pounds I used and how many reps and stuff so I can see improvements. I only do this set for like 2 more weeks and then change it. I like having a plan.

Did some laundry, did some dishes and hit the sack. Started a book. Just a "guy" book. Something about a missing warhead and bad guys and good guys. An action movie set to paper. I want to read more, just 30 minutes before bed. And not just magazines (they feel shallow and they are so repeatative each month. Make me feel dumber when I read them, even though I like them).

Tonight now plans. Gonna go for a run hopefully (if it's not a thunderstorm). More general housekeeping stuff. If it is cool and raining, maybe I'll bake/cook something. I feel like I've neglected my kitchen lately.


Jen said...

On the plus side, that pizza sounds FANTASTIC!!!

Hope you get to do something YOU want to do tonight!!!!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Haha, I am the exact opposite of you - I hate being by myself (get bored too fast) and would much rather go out and do things than be at home! :P