Friday, June 19, 2009


Yay Friday! Boo friday afternoon doing crappy work. Work is really really not going well. This model I'm trying to make is just NOT working. Running out of ideas. Probably need to ask for some help, but I think it's stupid questions I'll have. oh well.

Anyway, way excited for the weekend. Tonight we've got a ball social banquet thing for hubby's ball. Get some socializing in (which you now know I do not enjoy). But at least there are a few people I like. Plus food. ;)

Then tomorrow morning I teach. I was also going to maybe visit siblings. My little brother hasn't printed any of his pictures from his 4 months in Europe. I told him I'd photoshop them up for him. (since I'm caught up on all my pictures and need more to do! I love it!) Then all afternoon I've got not too much planned. Hurray. House cleaning, working out, scrapbooking. Watching tv! Doing NOTHING!

Then I'm going home early on Father's Day to play golf with my dad. Should be fun. As far as I know it's just a quick trip home to do that and then back (going with my sister).

My life seems so weird right now, no big thing on the horizon that I have to get ready for. I'm not BUSY! I love it, but I feel like I really need to use my time the best, most efficiently. I only get free days so often so I better cram everything fun in I want to do.

Anyway. I'm feeling way excited, but have to get through this stinking afternoon now!


Jen said...

I LOVE having days when I have nothing to do!!! Sometimes it seems like the errands and the commitments never end!! Glad you can take some time for you!!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Lainey said...

I also love having days when I have nothing to do! Enjoy it! :o)

RYC: I know losing weight will help, and it's probably the biggest part of my motivation. Looks? Screw 'em--I want my back to stop hurting! It's always been bad, but I really hurt it in December, and then repeatedly since then (doing stupid things like reaching for stuff or putting stuff away). I had already lost 20 lbs when I put it out in December. So I think it's going to take at least 40 more lbs to take the pressure off. Meanwhile, I need something that does that, and I'm hoping the industrial-strength bra is it! I have lost inches on the ladies--4" total so far I think! I WANT them to shrink! LOL!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Boo, sorry to hear work isn't going so well. Hope things turn around for you soon!

Have a great weekend :D

Anonymous said...

I hate fridays as well but only because it is a reminder of how much I am missing, check out my blog... I truley enjoyed yours!