Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back with a vengance

So yesterday I packed what I thought was a nice, healthy, satisfying lunch: snack of yogurt and grapes, lunch of green salad with hard boiled egg, cherries for dessert, afternoon snack of carrots and another yogurt. protein every few hours, lots of fruit and veggies. Unfortunately I was starving in the afternoon and carrots and yogurt weren't going to cut it. And I had no back up food and there's nothing to buy anywhere near here (thank god!). So I made myself an oatmeal (I had a multi-grain instant oatmeal packet in my desk). I made it in a coffee cup with just water. And it was super gross. But I ate half of it because I was really hungry. and it held me over until supper. (which was a great veggie and chicken breast stir fry with whole grain rice.) I'm glad I'm back on the healthy, unprocessed foods train, I'm just wondering if my calories and serving sizes are appropriate to lose weight. I may track today.

The scale did show me down half a pound from yesterday already. So that's nice to see. I'm betting some of that weight was serious water, I was peeing like crazy yesterday, definately more than I was drinking (and I was drinking a lot).

today's food is exactly the same, even the same breakfast (WW bread with thin peanut butter and a banana). Supper is again chicken breast, this time slow cooker teriyaki, and probably garden potatoes and frozen peas or something.

Yesterday I didn't get the workout I planned on (bike ride) because I was helping hubby haul dirt. Have I ever mentioned the dilema with our yard? We moved in 2 years ago in the winter, to a new house on a new crescent with no neighbours. We already had topsoil down and a fence and driveway, so we were ready to sod in the spring, unfortunately, our money wasn't ready to sod, nor did we really know we were ready (we bought in the winter! didn't see the ground!). So we postponed that a year. Over the year, the weeds grew like crazy, and some topsoil eroded away. Then the next summer we're ready to do it, but our neighbours are building their house, and the dummy who digs their basement mixes our topsoil with a bunch of clay from next door when he's leveling it out, we call the company and ask them to fix their mistake for a year, nothing comes of it. He also backfills the neighbours house too high in between our houses, so if we put grass on top of it, our basement windows are covered. Nothing is done. So this year hubby and I quit bitching and just did it ourselves. Leveled out the best we could between the houses with a shovel and rake (slopes toward our house still so water will run that way, but not much water gets in there so hopefully it just helps our grass grow.) hauled in a bit more topsoil to level it out and fill in any holes and stuff. This week hubby's gonna figure out the sprinkler's and I'm pricing out sod. Finally get this stupid thing done! In like a week or two! yay!

The backyard I seeded last year and is actually really really nice, aside from the dog pee killing areas over the winter.

Anyway, yesterday was shovelling dirt and raking it out. It was a bit of a workout, but I didn't sweat and wasn't really tired so it was nothing more than going for a walk. But I had already ran yesterday morning! yay!

Tonight I'm definately biking. It's supposed to be really cold. so I was gonna run too but maybe I'll do weights inside. Definately 2 things though. gotta keep busy so I don't snack (that was the habit over the last few weeks).

From reading some of your posts, seems a lot of us are sort of in a slump right now. Trying to get back on the wagon or recover from vacation gains. Luckily I think most of us are ready to kick ass again though right? I feel like I've got a good plan again. Plus hubby's with me now.

He even told somebody at work that we were losing weight for the next few months for his sister's wedding. I know that telling people makes it harder for me to quit so that's a good sign. Yesterday he ate his lunch and snacks I packed, had no pop (down from 2 a day!), worked out at lunch, then shovelled dirt (and for him it was a workout, he was sweaty and out of breath). He did have a beer when our neighbour came over and was helping us with figure out sprinkler stuff. and I did have half a diet pop and half an apple juice (neighbour's son kept wanting to switch with me).

ANYWAY, I just wanted to emphasize that even though I'm not where I want to be, I think things are going good and I definately feel motivated and really positive that I'm going to really get to my goal now. Just wanted to share that with you all.

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Jen said...

DEFINITELY back and ready to kick ass!!!

CRAZY with your house!!!
Our current house was a bit of a gong show with all the landscaping and everything and now that everything is done we are moving away from it! to an undeveloped area nonetheless...not so bright!
That's really exciting that it will be done soon though!!!!

That's great that your husband is telling people!!! I agree that makes it THAT much harder to screw up!!!