Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am having some nasty weird hip pain right now. Definately a nerve pain, coming around from my spine, around my hip to the inside of my thigh. At least the back isn't hurting. This sciatica I can deal with if it's just the weird shooting parts, not the actual back pain. It feels better when I change my position. However I have a desk job, so there aren't many options for that ya know? boo. And I don't have any drugs here at all to help. Gotta tough it out.

Yesterday I stopped at Costco and (again) bought another workout outfit. Every time I go I'm guaranteed to spend $40 on a new pair of yoga pants and a new zip up coat thing. This time the pants were $5 off and the coat is this really pretty blue color. AND the pants I bought were size small! Wore them last night and they fit great, a bit tight in the tummy (they're higher than pants I usually wear, like belly button) but don't muffin top me and kind of suck it in for me. Handy.

Got home and made supper. Turned out to be ground turkey spaghetti sauce not chili. I didn't have any onions or celery. (crazy). So I dumped some canned tomato puree, a can of pork and beans, a ton of spices and some red peppers into my browned turkey and mixed it with a bit of spaghetti. Pretty good. I definately didn't over eat on the pasta, but had tons of the sauce (since it's totally healthy) but my stomach still felt stuffed. I don't know what it is about pasta, but it sort of leaves me not feeling well, no matter how much I eat.

I finally got my bike ride in last night! I took Daisy for the first 15 minutes, then she was basically foaming at the mouth and I was going too slow so I dropped her off and did another 30 minutes. Butt was definately sore by the end and I was a little bit out of breath so I guess it was a workout. Mostly I'm trying to break in my ass (sounds weird.) so it doesn't hurt for half the ride. That's about all I did yesterday, watched half of 21 with hubby (I'll watch the end tonight, I had to go to bed). I did a few glute bridges because I was reading some stuff and it reminded me that my butt definately doesn't get the workout it's supposed to during things (my back and hamstrings over compensate). Hopefully I can get that firing the way it's supposed to and it will help my back problems too.

Also went over a list with hubby of what he should be eating. He knew he was supposed to be eating protein, but didn't know what that meant. So I made him a list. Reminded myself of tuna while doing so, so that's in my salad today. Then I made a list of possible snack options, basically, any fruit and yogurt, any veggie and cheese strings, tuna and crackers. He's doing so well. Sort of. He went out for wings last night as a friend was in town, he ate 20 wings and had 2 light beers. The best thing he's doing is writing EVERYTHING down! I told him I've never been able to do that for more than a day, he's done it all week! So hopefully we can go over it on the weekend and I can add things up for him and he can see just how bad the wings and chips and whatever other snacks he sneaks in are. Today will be a test as he's got the day off. I know it's a challenge for me.

I also polished off my cottage cheese jello! Good thing it's low cal! (I only put in about 150 cal's of cottage cheese in it and split it between morning snack and supper dessert). Might make another batch tonight as I bought a big thing of cottage cheese.

So as it's almost September (holy crap! that's what you get when you're gone all of August! summer flies!) it's time to sign up for fitness classes and stuff for the fall. I have to figure out if I want to do that again this year. There's a monday and wednesday class, one's just weights (no more step I guess), the other is weights and kick boxing. I don't know if I want to give up both nights or just one. It's still nice enough I can run and bike outside. Plus I know I'm going to be going to the gym more often before the wedding. I think they start next week already! I already know that I'll miss the first monday because of a scrapbooking thing with SIL. They're only $35 for 10 weeks each. Decisions decisions. I'll read the descriptions and check my calendar over some more today.

I had a really good day of work yesterday. I finished my thesis and wrote up this report in a big hurry and made the deadline, PLUS got a "good work" from the boss. So that means today, there's not much on my plate. I have only about another hour's worth of work I have to do, then nothing. So I'll be blog reading and podcast listening and ... oh I just heard my boss talking about finding me some work. There goes my relaxing thursday!

Anyway, today I plan on doing a strength routine and going for a jog hopefully, weather cooperating. We have no plans for the long weekend so I'm gonna try and work out something every day of it. (well we are planning on putting in sprinklers and getting sod, so we'll see how much of a workout THAT is!)

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CaRoLyN said...

Your comment this afternoon seriously gave me a small tear. I just wanted to hop on a plane, go out West and hug you! It's just exactly what I needed to hear I suppose. Sometimes you just need to hear that other people DO go through the same things that you do and it really WILL be all right in the end. No matter what road you choose, they will all end up in a great place. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I know we're miles apart but it's odd that soemtimes, well quite often actually, I feel closer to you and the girls on here than I do to my very best friends.

I'm glad that you and hubs are totally rocking it. I also think it's adorable that your hubby didn't know about protein and you get to show him. Sounds like it would be something right up your alley.

Boo about the back pain. Hopefully it gets better. I've had something similar before and ended up in physio for 6 months. Thankfully it's gone but the physiotherapist said the best thing to do is:
1. not cross your legs
2. get up and walk around every hour at least
3. Get a footstool for underneath your desk to put your feet on. It takes pressure off your back.
I try to follow those and the pain hasn't returned. Hope that helps.

Thanks again!!