Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good start!

So I've already lost 1 full pound since monday! yay! 9 more to go! (no I'm not expecting this pace to continue).

Yesterday it was pouring rain when I got off work. And since I had supper ready in the slow cooker I knew I'd be just drooling waiting for hubby to come home. So I went to Walmart after work and bought some stuff I was short on. Including sugar free Jello and cottage cheese for a recipe I found yesterday.

Anyway, because it was raining I didn't go for a bike ride. I did do my strength stuff. Just body weight routine I found. It was good. Pushups, lunges, mountain climbers. Nothing much hurts today, hip flexors are a bit tight. But I was quite tired when it was done.

Then I made my jello concoction. RECIPE ALERT! If you want to eat cottage cheese but don't much like the taste (aka me, good source of whole food protein, calcium). You make your sugar free jello regular style. Blend up some cottage cheese (or leave it lumpy if it doesn't bother you). Then just mix the cottage cheese in with the jello. (it will separate a bit as it sets, but that's ok). I used a wisk which worked well. Then just let set in the fridge. I tried it this morning and it was really good. The jello as made has only 5 calories per 1/4 recipe, so really it's just the cottage cheese, which is good!

Anyway, that was basically my night. A bit of scrapbooking, reading, cleaning. Early to bed.

Today's food is EXACTLY the same as yesterday with the substitution of my jello for some soy nuts, a nectarine for a banana and supper is ground turkey chili instead of chicken breast. And today, assuming it's not raining, I will finally get that bike ride in. Sheesh!


Jen said...

AWESOME job for going to walmart instead of heading home!!! It's so frustrating to sit home hungry while waiting for someone else!!!

That concoction sounds CRAZY...but I love cottage cheese so I will most likely try it!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm Jello and cottage cheese! Yum! Sounds good, I'm going to try that one tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

SOOOOO glad to have you back!! :)

Vanessa said...

Go you!

Angie All The Way said...

Hmmmm...interesting twist on the cottage cheese recipe saga. I've realized that I really love cottage cheese if it's put on top of potatoes, or even on it's own, but I detest combos with fruit and yogurt and sweet things like that. I've tried blending it up and mixing eith with yogurt and protein powder and it just wasn't workin. I may give the jello one a try, but I think I'd just a soon eat it stright up.

Great news about the thesis!!!