Thursday, August 14, 2008

brief visit

Hey folks!
I got back early from my field work in the north (THANK GOD!) and have many entertaining stories from there that I may or may not get around to telling. Sometimes you just want to move past things and not think about them any more (not that anything was horrible, just was a lot of working in a place where the people were very... not like me. It was an old mining town full of old drunk hillbillies or teenages with babies. Just a different place.) I know that eating was tough up there. breakfasts I did alright, we had kitchen suites so I had either toast or cereal or yogurt. Good stuff. But lunch and supper were at the restaurant in town (yes THE restaurant). And while the food wasn't gross, it definately wasn't healthy. I did eat about 4 or 5 chef's salads which were really good and healthy, but you can't eat that for 2 meals a day for 10 days. Had some chicken stir-fries (in a very sweet thick bottled sauce), some chicken kabobs (marinated in a greasy italian dressing) and some clubhouse sandwiches (hold the mayo). And then for some reason when I got to my room at night, I'd want to much on more food. So I'd eat some of the granola bars and cereal I had. I did buy a carton of blueberries so I got some fruit. and my veggies with the soup and salads I'd eat as sides (ok there were fries too, I'm not perfect). I worked out in my room 3 evenings (squats, crunches, pushups, lunges, planks, dips) but no running (town was too sketchy). I felt bad/guilty for most of the trip, but looking back I did ok. I also felt all bloated and yucky because of course it wasn't my home toilet and that does things to you when you travel ya know? (along with lack of fruit...).

I gained I guess 4 lbs. May or may not be real weight. I'm gonna get a run in tonight. And maybe tomorrow. But then I'm off again camping. Food was all planned without me, but I'm sure there will be healthy options. Or healthier at least. I'll bring some fruit for my travelling food. Plus then next week all week we're off camping again (to Banff! fun!) and I'm in charge of the food there (it's just the two of us) so it will be alright. I don't know if there will be any weight losing over the next week or 2, but I shouldn't gain any more I don't think.

Anyway, I miss you all, I'll do some catching up this afternoon, but I've got 377 blogs in my google reader so I don't know if I'll catch everything...


Sara said...

Hello and Goodbye!!

Welcome back for this fly by post! Definitely missed you the past 2 weeks!!

Sounds like you did as good as you could in that tough situation (1 restaurant? wowsa!). And I'm sure most of the 4lbs is water and other such waste!

Have a blast camping and in Banff!

Jen said...

I agree, I am certain that the 4lbs is just going to melt off!

So glad you popped in!!! I have missed you!!!

Have fun camping and then YAYYYYYY Banff!!! So exciting!!! I LOVE the mountains!

Bi0nicw0man said...

We missed you!

Sounds like you did VERY good considering the circumstances. Better than I would have. Greasy burgers would have taunted me the whole time!

Have fun with the rest of your adventures!

CaRoLyN said...

Ohh! Don't go away again! You were soooo missed!

Sounds like one of those creepy little towns out of a movie where everyone is half crazy.

Sounds lik eyou did pretty good on the food front, you made the best choices you could considering the shitty circumstances. No one can eat salad everyday for lunch and supper so don't beat yourself up over it!

Glad to have you back, even though you're going away again. Wish you had a 1-800 crisis line, I could have used a swift kick in the arse a few time while you were gone!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you did pretty good actually, i am surprised with the gain. have fun camping. i missed you! hehe.

Crystal said...

Sounds like you've been restaurant huh. That would get old real fast but sounds like you handled it as best you could.