Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy WI day to you!

Well it was to me at least! 137.6. So that's down 3 lbs from monday! yay! Almost back to the old number, well half way there. I did measurements this morning and everything is up. I knew it would be because my comfy jeans that usually fit great (aka not my tight jeans) are a bit tight and my legs don't look like they used to. But I'm pretty sure that I can work that all off in no time. I'm sure I lost some muscle too because i'm only up like 2.5 lbs, yet half an inch all over, I think some replacing went on. Which again I'm sort of excited about, means I can melt inches just by picking up my strength work again.

Which I did not get around to last night. Hubby wanted my help on the sprinklers so I did a quick jog (intervals which are hard again, I'm outta shape!) then worked on that. Not any heavy lifting yet. Just planning stuff. Then these friends came out (at like 9:30 at night! Hello? Bedtime?) The only stayed an hour, then we had to finish the planning we didn't do so he could pick up pieces at work. So it was sort of a late night for me. Oh well. It's a long weekend!

These are the friends who we were doing the MS bike tour with. They've done it for years and years as a tradition, we just joined last year. I've already raised all the money I need to (and more is pouring in!) and hubby's just about done. Well they haven't even registerd yet and she told me they're probably not doing it this year, they're just too busy and don't have time to raise money and need a weekend off. Well this is super annoying because they're the ones who organize where we stay and when to go and all that stuff. We just sort of tagged along last year, assuming it would be the same this year. Well now they're out so we have to figure it out ourselves. Frankly if we knew they weren't doing it, we probably would have opted out this year as well (though I'm glad we didn't, I love having goals to train for like this, plus it's a good cause and I wanted to be more charitable this year). But hubby was super annoyed. He really struggled last year and didn't enjoy himself much so he's suggesting that we just donate the money and don't ride. But I'd feel too bad doing that, all these people that donated thought we were riding and if they ask about it I don't want to say we didn't do it. This way we can maybe do it just the 2 of us, just drive up for the day for it, not the whole weekend. We'll see how it goes.

Again I said I had no plans right? Well tomorrow I'm actually shopping with SIL for fabric and stuff for the dress and veil I have to sew. May also do some shopping for a dress for me to wear, but that also may be a last minute thing since I still wanna drop about a size. Not really sure what we're all shopping for, but it's supposed to be an all day thing, with 2 SILs and 3 kids under 8. yay fun? ugh. Shopping is for grown-ups! Once I've got the stuff I need them for (fabric things) I might ditch them and do fun shoe shopping or something. Need some new runners badly. But we were invited to SILs house for supper and I'm supposed to bring dessert. So I need to make something tonight. Any ideas? I'm thinking just like a pound cake or angel food cake that I can use my raspberry sauce on (the jam I made that didn't set). Anybody have any other uses for basically raspberry syrup?

Anyway, today hubby's probably playing poker so it's just me at home. Definately get my strength workout in, maybe another interval run. Nothing like results to keep you motivated! Also some scrapbooking. I'm back in the groove. We're getting SIL a whole bunch of cookbooks for her shower (she wanted them) and I feel cheap since I got ones on sale, so I wanted to make her a little recipe card holder too for the handwritten ones from her mom and stuff. Cute idea huh? Then if I have time I'll copy a bunch of her mom's best recipes (that she's basically who you call when you want to know how to make whatever ya know?)

Anyway today is turning out to be the boring at work day. The people who give me work are in meetings, my thesis is done, but at the same time, one of the meetings is with my thesis supervisor who might pop his head in when they're done, so I don't want to have like youtube open or something. Gotta be able to pretend to be working. So far this morning I was calling around getting sod prices so we can install it next week already and be finished our yard completely.

And sending emails. My sister left for her European holiday for a month last week. My mom and dad leave for their month long east coast holiday next week, and then my brother leaves for Germany for another backpacking excursion (a couple months?) a couple weeks after that. Just me and my little brother left at home for September. So just touching base with everyone, getting flight info and plant watering info and stuff like that. Trying not to be supremely jealous. Especially of my brother. He's going to Germany and a friend he met there are just going around Europe for a while. But he's going to see people and basically not have a job, he doesn't care where it is. When I would just love to see Europe! I want to see castles and ruins and little pubs and places with history older than 100 years (like here in SK) and he could care less about it. No fair. But whatever, I decided to get married to somebody who doesn't like to travel and then buy a house and get a dog and settle down so it's just not in the cards right now. (maybe when I retire...)

Anyway, very excited for the weekend, unfortunately work drags when there's nothing to do. Hopefully everybody posts today so I have some reading material at least. Anything interesting online I should look at? Good online stores (for canadian shipping?)?

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Jen said...

What a cute idea for the recipe card holder??? That sounds adorable!!!

I am totally envious of people who can just take off like that!!! That's a LONG time to be away!!!

Oh and I HATE when people stop by unannounced at a late least on week days...I like to have time to get all my stuff together!!!