Friday, August 29, 2008

good places to visit on the east coast?

Hey so I mentioned my folks were going out to the East Coast of Canada for a month long holiday right? Well they asked what are some good places they should definately check out. And I was gonna look up stuff online, but I thought I'd ask you guys, I know some of you live out there or have at least visited. They're definately hitting up PEI and N.S. And maybe other places, they have no concrete plans except their flight days and they rented a cottage in PEI for a week. So share your ideas of places to eat, things to see, ways to spend a day!


Leigh Anne said...

Well, September is definitely a good time to visit PEI. The majority of the tourists have vacated but there is still plenty to see and do. I live in Charlottetown and just a few ideas: catch a show at the Confederation Center of the Arts, wander downtown shops and restaurants, drive through the countryside exploring antique shops, there might be a few good beach days still and if it's early September the water will probably still be warm. If I had an idea of where in NS they would be I could probably crank out a few ideas for there as well.

Leigh Anne

Tiffa said...

NEWFOUNDLAND!!! It's an awesome place to visit and a greater place to live. I lived in St. John's for 6 years. The nightlife is amazing, the hospitality is out of this world and the culture is awesome! Signal Hill (where the first transatlantic signal was sent and received), Cape Spear (the most eastern point in Canada!) and the list goes on! Plus you can get screeched in on George Street!

Also in Newfoundland there are so many rural communities with such rich histories and cute picturesque places EVERYWHERE!

On the West Coast of the province is a national park (Gros Morne)... not quite as impressive as the Rockies,, but beautiful all the same.

Labrador is in a class all it's own and I haven't experienced it all myself but there's lots of places that are awesome.

You can't visit the East Coast without seeing Newfoundland!!!

Anonymous said...

The Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia is gorgeous! They could hike Cape Spilt, go to the the "Look-Off" (see my blog for a picture labelled "My favorite place in the World!"), explore the shops and cafes in Wolfville (home of Acadia University)... They could also travel further down NS to Annapolis Royal and see Port-Royal (a former French colony from the 17th century), or visit Digby or Lunenburg which are right on the coast and have awesome lobster... not to mention Peggy's Cove! Anywhere in NS is really beautiful this time of year! Also, Cape Breton's Cabot Trail is really something to see in the Fall :) To name a few... haha!

Anonymous said...

Haha, oops Cape *Split*... they would have a hard time finding Cape Spilt ;)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Katie covered everything I was gonna say!! (and more!)

Louisburg on Cape Breton is pretty cool too.