Tuesday, September 2, 2008

what happened?

I don't know what happened to my happy WI friday. It is gone. I'm back to 140.0. Up 2.5 in a long weekend? When I didn't even eat terrible (for most of it?) ARG! so frustrating!

I'll be honest, I was no angel, I made a chocolate cake friday (from scratch! go me!) and ate just the part I trimmed to make it flat. Not too bad. Then saturday. I was shopping and visiting with family so I just made myself a giant protein smoothie for lunch and had an oatmeal bar in the afternoon. Supper was kind of big, BBQ ribs at SILs. so ribs aren't great for you, but I had a small potato, hardly any sour cream, and carrots. I had chocolate cake for dessert with berries (no frosting on the cake). diet pop and water to drink all day. Sunday I was at home all day, ate cereal and toast for a couple meals. Tuna sandwich for supper. Good day. Then yesterday was the sort of really bad day. We had A&W for lunch. boo. teen burger and fries. Supper was healthy chicken fajitas but I over ate on that a little too. So it wasn't a perfect weekend, but by no means a 2.5 gainer!

I'm hitting the gym today after work. Enough of this already. I'm feeling my pants be too tight and my belly is protuding in all my shirts. Time to nip this in the bud. Today's food:
WW bread and peanut butter (toast) and banana
cantaloup, pineapple, plum
left over fajita peppers and chicken (no tortilla or cheese)
yogurt and cheese string

Supper I don't really know, nothing's planned or thawed. I'll probably stop at a grocery store and pick up some more chicken breasts since I used them up yesterday.

I had a lot of conversations about weight loss this weekend. I was talking to my SIL about how hers is going post baby. She's doing LA Weight Loss. Basically you have to eat so many servings of protein, of starches, of fruit etc every day. Just another way to count right? But I'm suprised by some of it. Like they only need 4 veggies or something a day, and 1 serving is like 6 baby carrots! And like 2 or 3 fruits, and 1 serving is 6 strawberries! Very weird to me. We were comparing what we eat and she was suprised to see how I didn't really eat any starches except at breakfast (most days). And I was saying how I eat protein at every meal, but according to her, I barely eat 2 servings a day. 1 whole can of tuna is not even a serving of protein for her! She only needs like 2.5 servings or something, so I think it works out around the same grams as I try and get. But it was really insulting when she was telling me "oh that's not a protein". Well yes it has protein in it, and what she meant was it's not a serving of protein in LAWL terms, but that's how she is. It was the same when she was doing WW, just casually telling me how many points I should eat and how I was screwing up. Well honey, I'm not doing WW or LAWL, I get to eat however I want to eat. I made up my own thing and if I want to call peas a veggie instead of a starch, that's my call. It was ridiculous when started quoting the ads exactly though, "well it's not really even a diet, I'm eating more than I ever did before". Well that's obviously not true, how did you get that fat to begin with? it's math honey. arg.

My annoying neighbour also started chatting with me about how she wanted to start running but wasn't ready to do it outside so wanted a treadmill. The lady is a stick but used the "drop some of this flab" thing. I didn't fall for it and just said "oh yeah..." instead of "oh nonsense, you look great." I probably would have been more helpful to her if it wasn't her. She's super annoying. Plus her kids are even more annoying. We were working on our yard and her kids were in our back yard, getting in our way, talking nonstop. Hubby was ready to yell at her to spank her freakin kids and make them behave. he didn't. He just fumed. Oh and plus, he was mad at her because we dug trenches for installing our sprinklers, and then they stole a bunch of the dirt we needed to fill them back in to level their yard. Plus we're mad at the people who sold them the house (and then them also) because their topsoil is levelled way to high and if we matched it, we'd block our basement windows. And our house was there first. Arg.

Also, I talked with hubby a bit about weight loss. Because my other SIL, who joined Curves and lost a lot of weight, wanted to borrow my dress (the pink and black one that I wore in the pictures you saw recently) for a wedding at the end of September. Which I don't care, that's fine. But I'm upset that she might fit into it! that was my skinny pretty dress! And now SIL who was always way bigger than me thinks she fits into it (and probably does). Just sort of upsets me. Then when I was shopping with her I was sort of checking her out. She's a really small person (like 5'1 or something) and has really small shoulders and stuff. So even though she's probably got a higher body fat than me, I think she's smaller (maybe not her butt, the family's got booty). When I'm around them I feel very amazon. (which is funny because I'm only like average build and only 5'4). But it just upset me because her results are so much more obvious than mine I guess. And mine's been going so slow lately and hers has been quick. I look about the same now as I did 3 years ago, I've never seen her this small. And I am happy for her to be losing weight, I just wish I was losing at the same rate so I could get to goal first. Plus then I feel like a bad person for feeling like this! But then again, not really, I think we all do sometimes.

It does give me more of a boost to drop some pounds and look so smoking hot at other SIL's wedding! (yes there are 3 of them and I've talked about them all in this post referring only to them as SIL. ha!) I've got 6.5 weeks. I can be serious about this for 6.5 weeks! I'm gonna start a countdown for it and make a little challenge for myself. (you're all welcome to join, but you maybe don't have a wedding Oct 18th for a deadline).

Here are the rules. Keep doing what I've been doing (protein every meal, 5 meals a day, strength workouts and intervals) but for the next 6.5 weeks add:

No fries
Drink more water on weekends (I think I confuse thirst with hunger at home)
1 cheat a week (not cheat meal, not cheat day, just 1 thing)
4 (hard) workouts a week
Do weekly goals

That's doable. I've got some obstacles in the way in the next 6.5 weeks. Starting with this coming weekend. SIL's bridal shower. Definately some food there. That's going to be where my weekly cheat will come in. I'll see what looks the best and have 1 of it. There will be fruit there, maybe meat and cheese and veggies. Stick to that stuff in a reasonable amount, subtracting that amount of food from earlier in the day.

That's this week's goal #1.

#2. Get a workout in on the weekend
#3. No dessert all week. (it's usually fruit or something small, but it just doesn't stop) drink a tea.

I'm pumped.


Sara said...

It must not be 2.5lbs - probably looks like it from the sodium from the burger and fries yesterday!! So no worries - back on track and lots of water!!

eurydice said...

i am the same way... competing with friends and family. i am genuinely happy for them when they lose weight and look great, but that doesn't mean i don't want to look the best!

Vanessa said...

Hope the 2.5lbs take a hike soon!

I'm totally competitive about weight loss...I want other people to do well, but not better than me! That's probably why the only place I'll really talk about it is on my blog...I don't feel the need to compete with people online :P.

CaRoLyN said...

Awesome goals! I need a challenge like this.
Sometimes you just see a numbe ron the scale and you have no idea where it came from. I wouldn't sweat it, You'll probably see a nice big loss this weekend. And I agree with Sara, may be the sodium from the burger.