Monday, September 29, 2008

and i was doing so good

My weekend was going so good, the scale was showing my down already sunday morning. But I semi blew it Sunday night (well I blew the good weekend, I'm back on board for the rest of the week). I didn't write anything down or measure anything. It was on my mind and I was conscious of what I was doing, I just did it anyway. I was having a GREAT sunday, but I think maybe a bit too great, as in, I was hungry for supper at 4:00. We were driving anyway and I didn't want to wait while I thawed something and then cooked something so we ate out. I wanted a sub, hubby did not. We compomised on going to the bar where they have a salad I really like. However we get there and I do not order the salad. I order a clubhouse. with fries. And then I eat most of it. Ok, bad enough. It would still be a calorie deficit for the day though I'm guessing (like I said, a very good day so far, and I ran intervals).

But then we get home, and by 7:00 I'm hungry again. What I should have done is sat down and figured out just what I was hungry for and then had it, whatever it was. Instead I grabbed something from the kitchen and scarfed it. Nope that wasn't it, grabbed something else, inhaled it. I ate pudding and yogurt and cookies and candy. Then more of each. Bad stuff. My tummy hurt when I went to bed.

Today I'm planning on remedying by having a great day. I think my problem yesterday was that I let myself get too hungry. I had an omlete for breakfast (egg whites, red pepper, broccoli and cottage cheese, nice) with 1 slice of weight watcher bread. Then lunch was a sandwich on WW bread with 2 slices of ham, lettuce and mustard. Then a big bowl full of frozen berries with splenda. And that was it for the day until my splurge. Add that up and it's less than 500 calories until supper. No wonder I lost my mind. So today, i'm going to again, try and keep the calories low (well not that low), but I'm going to up the fibre to keep me fuller longer. And space out meals into snacks, as it works to keep my hunger in check. So the plan today (and I measured so far!)

1 cup miniwheats, 1/2 cup fibre 1, 1/2 cup milk - that's like 17 g of fibre so far! 350 calories (feel free to check my math)

I'm only going to have morning snack if I'm hungry in an hour. (but definately will have afternoon snack)

Lunch is 1 cup of my hamburger soup (again don't know the deets on that stuff) But I know it's high fiber because I loaded in the veggies, left the skin on the tomatoes, and put in lots of barley (much better than noodles).

I also have 2 50 cal yogurts, 1.5 cups honeydew melon, 1.5 cups baby carrots and snap peas, a pear, and a plum.

Chicken breast for supper. with side of like 2 cups of veggies with maybe soysauce or lemon juice. yum. Glass of milk. Throwing it all into fitday now....

Ok, assuming I only eat 1 yogurt, the pear not the plum...with an assumed "hamburger soup".

1516 calories. That's alright huh? Throw in a workout, I should be at an easy 500 calorie deficit for the day. Oh and check this out - 41 g of fibre! So who knows if I'll be able to eat all that. I'm also happy with my protein 122 g. Anything over 100 is a good day for me.

Ok, so that's the plan. Only eating that stuff.

Other weekend things were good. The concert was alright. We were stuck in traffic for over an hour so we missed the entire opening act and only found our seats as the lights went down. The crowd was a little slow getting in to it. Sorta weird, I guess that's typical in my city. I knew 2 Reba songs, and 1 was in the encore. Knew most of the Kelly songs but she played slower ones at the beginning (not exactly helping the crowd ya know?). And her 2 best were in the encore. As we left I said I could have lived with only seeing the encore. Which was really good. The rest, so so.

Saturday morning I spent in Walmart heaven. Anniversary sale. I bought a bunch of make-up and lotions on sale. some pyrex dishes at 1/2 price, vitamins at 1/2 price. New phones for the house, some groceries. I don't really know what it all was, but it was $350. So far only $10 are going back (cake pans that it turns out I do have, couldn't remember). I bought myself a fall coat for $20, it's reversible. green water proof on one side, navy fleece on the other. I thought it wasn't too bad. And I need a fall coat. But then my sister turned up her nose at the idea (though she didn't see it). She did just get back from europe so has a bit of a snooty attitude towards clothes right now.

After walmart I went to her house (she just got back friday) and heard a bit about her trip. She basically bought clothes everywhere she went. All this stuff from a Paris boutique, then a bunch of knock offs. She was in Germany, England, Ireland, Spain and France. She brought back a bunch of souviner gifts and didn't know who was going to get what. She thought she was probably going to give me this beautiful black scarf. But then found out my nice coat is brown. (plus though I really want to, I just find it hard to dress up, out of my jeans for an everyday occassion. A button up shirt would look weird on me at work. though I am inspired by her to gradually class myself up a bit.) Then maybe this purple sweater but I don't really like purple. I really liked the fake prada and gucci purses she got but she had planned on giving those to her two best friends.

She ended up giving me these cute (knock off) boots from Paris! I don't know what the style is called, but just ankle high, pointy toe, stilletto heel. So cute. And they fit! I was amazed. (our feet are the same size mostly but mine are way wider).

She also got ENGAGED to her bf in Ireland. Her ring is the prettiest I've ever seen. I wasn't the least bit suprised as I was calling this since they decided to go on the trip. But they're thinking maybe next fall or something. (which of course would be when I'm all big and pregnant...hmm, rethinking?)

So visited her for a bit. then home and sewing. Got the dress almost done. It looks only ok. The fabric was a bad choice as it pulls and puckers and requires more skill than I posess. I'm planning on hiding lots of the ugly parts with additions. Like there's a train thing that hides the ugly zipper and back seam. And I'm adding a ribbon around the waist to hide that ugly part. There are bows that are supposed to go in other places but maybe I'll just add them where I need them. (hubby couldn't really see anything wrong with it so that's good. As long as it fits, it will look ok from far away I hope. I already changed the sleeves to these things that aren't so dated, but that meant stealing from another pattern so they didn't fit the arm hole perfectly. Ugh, I just can't wait for it to be done. Let's put it this way, it's looking very homemade...

I dropped hubby off at a stag for future BIL in the city and then he spent the night at other BILs. So Sunday I watched movies and worked on the slideshow (and hardly ate we found out already) then picked him up. Sunday night I watched Baby Mama which was good, but I was expecting more. Steve Martin was the best part.

Weight class tonight is cancelled. So I'm going to do my own thing. (Did I mention I ran intervals on sunday?) Tonight will have some sprints again, then some weights. I'm totally messing myself up with that. I build muscle really easy right. Probably faster than I lose fat. So I'm scared to do too much because I convinced myself that I'd get bigger (like in my back, across my shoulders) and then not fit in my dress worse. Is that crazy? Should I be kicking up the weights like I used to and assume that I won't get bigger but they'll help me really burn fat? If I had more than 3 weeks I'd do it for sure, knowing eventually the fat would come off and I'd be smaller long term. But this is all short term! I think as long as i'm in calorie deficit I won't be putting on any sort of weight right? Muscle or fat. That's what I'm going to go with.

Anyway, very long post. But I had a busy weekend.


Jen said...

First of all, I am so proud of you for measuring!!!! That is awesome!!!

And you are KICKING ASS today with all the fibre and protein!! No wonder you have this compact little body and gain muscle like a madwoman!!!

Sorry to hear that the concert wasn't great and the dress isn't working out like you liked...I am sure it will be great in the end!!!

I am envious of your sisters vacation!! I find a lot of people become "clothes snobs" when they come back from Europe!! (I want to see a pic of the boots!)

Angie All The Way said...

Jeeez girl, what was all that munching about? that's what I started doing when I started to feel the wedding dress pressure and fitting into it. Why do we sabotage? I was calling it stage fright.

You won't bulk up in any way that will interfere with fitting in your dress. I wouldn't worry about that. Even if you did, it would likely be in places like your arms and legs, which really don't interfere with fitting in the dress.

You are really getting the hang of the counting and measuring! I really think that is going to mean the difference for you getting to your goal.