Thursday, September 4, 2008

well I think it's good

So I had a good day yesterday. I say. if you say otherwise I don't wanna hear it.

So a good day at work, lots of running around that really would have been irritating, but I was just happy to have something to do. Then left early because I had to pick up my parents and drop them off at the airport (they were giving me their van to keep for the month). So I go home, and they had ordered pizza, Vern's. I sort of said I don't like Vern's too much because they pile the meat on too thick and it's got a weird spice flavour. Anyway they did buy me supper so I had a small corner piece. Like the kind that I usually wouldn't call a piece anyway, like an appetizer or something. Then I cooked up some baby carrots to go with it. THAT'S ALL! Later last night after working out I had 2 pieces of WW WW toast and peanut butter. I regretted that when I was done because I wasn't hungry enough for a meal, should have just had a snack, but justified it since I didn't really have a supper. It all worked out though I think. Plus my food during the day was light for some reason, I think a big breakfast made the difference. And shopping at noon so I had to eat while I worked (I brought cereal and milk for lunch yesterday, how funny! plus canned salmon and fruit).

Then last night while I did a made-up exercise routine (lots of squats, t-pushups, shoulder presses, anything else I could think of) I also cooked up some hamburger soup. So that's what I'm eating today for lunch and probably for awhile. I also bought spinach so some salads will be in the mix. yay to having healthy food ready to go!

Supper today will be meatloaf that I made and froze awhile ago, plus probably spinach salad. maybe some frozen veggies or something too. Sticking to the no dessert plan for the week. Grabbing a glass of milk really fills me up and makes me feel done lately.

Workout will hopefully be a quick interval jog, we've got to level out or lawn today (even though it's showers off an on, arg) because the sod comes tomorrow. A few more weeds to pull and then some dirt to shovel. I feel guilty because I won't be around to help lay the sod as I'm going home for SIL's shower after work. But hubby has a bunch of his friends coming out to help so I probably would just be in the way. (I'm totally strong enough to move sod, but these guys are stronger so I'm just too slow, and my grunting and stuff makes them think it's too much for me so they give me easy jobs. too bad though because I really like getting sneaky exercise like that.)

I'm feeling sore today from my workouts the last two days. that's good. mostly the hamstrings, butt and back. whole back of my body I guess which is good, because I dont' get the the strength exercises back there very well sometimes. plus it's important when you run and sit at a desk.

I gotta decide what to wear this weekend to the shower, maybe my black pencil skirt again, hopefully I've lost enough gut so it looks nice. Or maybe my multi-dress with a sweater. I need to shop quick after work today so we'll see anything's on sale. I still need a dress for the wedding too! (6 weeks away though)

I need to go buy SIL another shower present. I so far bought her some cookbooks. Girl is gonna get $100 worth of cookbooks from SILs and myself. She did say she wanted them, but nobody wants that many at once! I sorta feel bad for not coming up with a better idea. I was going to get her some naughty lingerie or something for her stagette (because it is always fun to get and she should at least get some!) but they said no gifts at the stagette. So now I'm thinking I'll get it for her at the shower, just make it something a bit more tasteful. Silk and lace, not leather. ;) But then other SILs might think I'm upstaging them by getting more than they are. They said they didnt' want to spend any more money but I'll ask if they'd like to go in on it too. First we'll see what I find!

Anyway, tummy's calling and microwave is free. WI tomorrow!

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