Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After yesterday of following my plan to the letter (ok, I lied, I had 2 gummy candies as well) I really felt good about my plan and counting etc. So today I knew I had a nectarine and a plum at work, so just packed my soup, grapes, 2 yogurts and carrots and peas. Had a measured out cottage cheese smoothie (1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup frozen berries, water to texture, splenda to taste). Plan is for burgers for supper. So loaded that all into fitday. Even with a cheese slice on my burger I'm only at 1262 calories. And fibre is not crazy today (only 22 g) and protein is lower too, so I know I'm going to be starving and stuff. Also, my nectarine is bad here at work. So my afternoon snack will be lacking.

Scale did show me down this morning by .4 lbs from friday. So my sunday damage wasn't too bad. And I guess with such a low cal day today that will help too!

I do have to run out for work so maybe I can buy something to supplement me. But what? I do have some soy nuts here at work that might have to do the trick. (unmeasured though!)

Anyway, my run yesterday was good. It was so nice out. Today will be too. Then I did a ton of cleaning and sewing so the dress is almost done, just need neice to try it on to figure out length and if the belt thing fits and looks nice or not. I also cut out pieces for a second dress if this one ends up looking too crappy. (I wish I did that other dress from the start, sooo much simpler).

This morning I woke up with a quesy tummy. I'm guessing I may have over done the fibre a bit and it was messing with my guts. After I ate my smoothie I felt better.

Today's work is sort of sucking. I'm doing research. I hate research. I've had enough with grad studies. And this is a super important project and I can't shake my "who cares, good enough" attitude.

Really don't have much to talk about today!


Laura said...

yum..gummy candies. my one sweet treat weakness.

Carolyn said...

Mmm the smoothie sounds yummy. I need to dig out my blender and start trying some of these. do you still use protein powder as well?

Glad you are focused. I'm in full blown kick ass mode today and yesterday and even Monday too.

Boo research!