Friday, September 26, 2008

Boston Pizza

Lord love a place that post nutritional info online. And Lord love the half order. Have any of you found something you like at BPs that's delicious and satisfying and around 500 calories? I'm finding I'm basically stuck with a half order of pasta. Even the salads are higher (except for a side garden salad or a spinach salad, and with no protein they won't keep me going all night). The problem with everything but pasta and salad is that they come with sides, and sides are NOT pretty. This place even has a "healthy alternatives" menu. But I don't think that a wrap with no side would fill me up. (then I'd be tempted to buy a hotdog or fries or something aweful at the concert.)

Feels so wrong to be planning on a pasta. Even a half order of baked lasagna. Too much cheese right? But it's on my ok list. Start with a side salad and a drink of diet coke. It'll feel like a splurge, but be one of my lighter meals, in or out!

Rule - no appetizer. encourage them to order some seafoody thing, I don't like it anyway so I won't be tempted. (there may be an obligatory martini or something as it's a double birthday celebration and tradition, I'll stick to probably something martini like, as opposed to slushy and sugary and creamy.)

note - even their side veggies are 300 calories, 28 g of fat! YIPES!


Anonymous said...

i know boston pizza is the devil eh?

Weight Loss Journey said...

Good grief, veggies with 28 grams of fat. They must be drowned in butter. I don't think we have Boston Pizza in the states, at least not here in Seattle. Sounds like you have a good plan and that's most of the battle. ood luck!

Angie All The Way said...

I love the half orders. In fact, there are other restaurants that don't indicate it on th menu, but if you ask for a "half order" they'll give it to you. Even a half order of pasta is a realistic way to eat out with friends and is workable into a weight loss plan. It's less calories and for me, it's satisfying. I heart pasta.

Hope it all went well!

Sagan said...

Isn't it crazy? And the thing is that Boston Pizza doesn't even taste all that great. If I'm going to be having that much calories and fat and all, I want it to taste REALLY REALLY good!

eurydice said...

remind me never to go there ever again!