Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm still a rock star

I've got my rock moves. And they just lead me to a 1.2 lb loss this week! 136.6! yay! Getting back down there!

So that's even with chinese and mexican and McDonalds during the week. I AM a rock star!

So yesterday for supper because of a shmozzle with dropping in-law's vehicles around and stuff, hubby and I were in town until 5:30 and still had to return stuff at Walmart. I was starving (since I was skimping on snacks to make up for mexican at lunch), so we ate at McDonalds in Walmart. I got the 2 chicken fajitas and a fruit and yogurt parfait and he got the southwest grilled chicken burger with a side salad. (they didn't have meal salads at this one). So we both totally rocked the mccy d's experience. (around 600 calories each!)

Shopped around walmart a bit, I sort of taught hubby how to read nutrition labels (basically check calories and serving size). Then he tried to buy some snacks for the weekend at night after the bike ride. He would look at chips and then be horrified and put them down, then check out crackers or a party mix, same thing. Looked at twizzlers, horrified by the 3 strings are a serving but bought them anyway. It was funny. He was getting mad at me like I was saying no to him or something but I just kept saying "if you want it you can get it, but you should know what you're eating". Sort of hilarious.

So we get home and it's like 8:00. I immediately change and go for a run. only 22 minutes or so, with only about 3 fast intervals in it. It was pitched black and I just wasn't feeling the fast intervals much because then I'd have to slow down too much to recover, I kept a much steadier pace. I had my garmin so maybe I'll look at it later and analyze. Got home, sorted and started some laundry, and made up a triple batch of carrot bran muffins.

These muffins when I made them according to the recipe were 200 calories each, TONS of fibre. But I adjusted the recipe significantly. First I had an open can of maple syrup so I used that in place of brown sugar (not healthier I know, I just had to use it up!) I also used white splenda for 1 cup of the brown sugar (needs 3 cups for triple batch!). I also replaced some of the oil (needed 1.5 cups) with apple sauce, and just didn't add the full amount because of the maple syrup being liquid already. Oh, and I used whole wheat flour instead of white. So I'm not sure what these changes would have really done to the calories and I'm too lazy to put the whole recipe in again and recalculate. I made 24 normal sized muffins and then 48 mini muffins with raisins as well. They should be a really good shot of fibre each and keep you quite full, so anything less than 200 calories is fine by me.

So I whipped up the muffins, then changed the laundry, folded towels, got the dog stuff ready for the puppy sitter (my brother's stopping by tomorrow). Then it was bed time and I did a bunch of computer stuff to get ready, downloaded a whole bunch of songs for my mp3 player, downloaded my garmin and charged both of them up. I also downloaded the red carpet ready exercise videos because....

I got up early and did them this morning! I didn't have time to do any strength exercises last night with all that running around (still not packed!) but I got up at 6:30 and did about 1/2 hour of strength exercises. A bunch of squats, lunges, pushups and rows (circuit 3 times), and I only did the second circuit once because I was running out of time and had to shower and get ready for work. So that was a great example of using a Plan B when Plan A doesn't work, instead of doing nothing. I rock!!

tonight when I get home I have to pack my bag of clothes (shouldn't need much, just sporty clothes - hey question that might be TMI - I'm having my period right now, and about to bike for about 6 hours. I could go tampon so I look good in my yoga pants (still wear a thong) or I could wear a pad and maybe cushion my butt with it? Or would a pad not be helpful on a bike? I don't have fancy bike shorts with padding, thoughts?) So I have to pack, make something to eat (or else it's fast food again, luckily I've got cooked chicken breasts in the fridge. I'm thinking wraps), hubby has to put the gate up in the back or else just block it off with a piece of plywood or something so when my brother comes to play with Daisy they can just throw the ball around the backyard. PLUS since I feel bad about leaving Daisy locked in her dog run (a decent sized area, but she can't really run in it) from friday at 6:30 until sunday 4:00, with only like a 2 hour reprieve when my bro comes over, I was going to take her on a quick bike ride sprint and tire her out good. I have to do all that in about 1.5 hours.

Though I could leave work early today. At 3:00 the office is going lawn bowling. Yes we realize that's what old people do, and my office has nobody over 40 in it. But it stemmed from an intense bocce match and we can drink there and not be working. The plan is from 3 to 5 but if I can find a good opportunity to leave early (say anytime after 4) then I'll take it. There's a bbq afterward but I already opted out of that.

I did a quick little spreadsheet (such a nerd) looking at my loss history and where my goal is and the timeline for it. Basically to be at 130 by SILs wedding I have to lose 1.3 lbs a week. that's pretty intense, but possible. The only thing is, all my losses through the 130s have been more like 0.4/week. But lately things have been moving better so we'll see! It is only 6.6 more lbs!!!


spunkysuzi said...

Wow you are definitely rocking kiddo ;) I have no doubt that you'll be at your goal in no time!!

Sagan said...

Great job! Love your healthed-up muffins:)

thenewsarahsundae said...

Great job!

eurydice said...

wow - great loss! i'm impressed. and picturing hubby looking at the food labels (shocked) is too funny. we were all there at one time... hahahah