Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can you even believe it?

I just spent a couple hours this morning looking at what it would take to become accredited to teach exercise classes! OMG!

Last night after my kickboxing/weight class I was talking to the instructor Val (because technically the class was full and the girl from registration said I couldn't take it, luckily Val was there and said we could work something out so I just hid until the register girl left, then took the class anyway. It's all good as long as I can bring my own weights, there are just so many people registered that they don't really have enough.) Anyway, so I was talking to Val about my summer and this and that and she brought up that I should think about getting accredited to teach. She thinks I'd be perfect for the step class. Whatever other place she teaches at just did the kickboxing instruction but the step is coming up in a few months and she said she'd keep me in mind when she heard about it and let me know. Holy crap that would be so cool!!!

First of all, to get my workouts in and not pay for them, but rather BE PAID! sweet. Plus I really do love teaching once I get over my nerves. When I was the TA through grad studies I ADORED it, it was my favorite thing. I contemplated getting my PhD and becoming a prof but I've just had enough of being in school for awhile. But this would be completely sweet. I love talking fitness and training, I think I know a heck of a lot about it, I stay on top of things (granted from the internet, not from studies and stuff...) and I think I would be really good at it. How cool is that?

While I was daydreaming about this I realized that I could totally do it now, but I personally respect instructors who look good, like they walk the walk right? So that sort of lit a new fire in me to get in ripped shape and "look" like a fitness instructor. (hence right now, after I already ate a kashi granola bar but still feel hungry, I'm going to chug down the water and wait for lunch)

I was just so excited by this possibily happening! I checked into different accreditations and they're basically the same price, like $300. Which isn't crazy if you've got a job lined up, but for a whatif, too much. I'm sure I'd be fine on the written tests too (I'm a book smart person, always did good on any test). I'd be nervous about the practical though, I'm always nervous just speaking in front of more senior people (lord help me when me defense comes up for my thesis in a few weeks!). Even at work here, in a formal meeting I just get nervous. But I think I could practice this away. (you have to teach a class with your instructor evaluating you).

Did I ever mention that I used to teach aquafitness classes at the pool in high school? I had no idea what I was doing.

ANYWAY, yeah so the class last night was good. There always starts out with so many people at the beginning of a session, but 4 weeks in it's halved. Which is good because it was sort of crowded for shuffling and doing kicks. I really really need to get new shoes though, my big toes aren't used to the impact like that (running is different, but I need new shoes for that too!).

I also joined Angie's challenge. If you haven't you should check it out. Details are unclear, but the thing I like, is that it's a tough love challenge. We will be kicking each other's ass if we miss a workout or make an excuse or whatever. I definately don't need people who are going to make it easy on me if I slack.

tonight I'm going to spend some time in the garden and around the house cleaning up and making it look like I was home for the last 3 nights. I will get a hard core interval workout in and then I'll have made my goal for the week. Any weekend exercise will be bonus. (which is good because I'm feeling a heavy duty cleaning session complete with carpet shampooing coming on, plus I've got to work on a slideshow and some sewing. AND we're going to go home Sunday to visit hubby's grandpa! yipes!)

Exercise has been rocking, food has been decent. I'm back to the munchies after supper. Just never feeling like I'm quite done eating. Might be related to the extra exercise. But I need to be a bit more strict about filling my plate once then having a glass of milk to finish me off. Worked before.

Well that's all I've got for now. VERY excited about the challenge all of a sudden (I think my instructor excitement is crossing over.) I mean seriously, I've got 1 month until this wedding (1 month today) and want to whittle an inch from my waist. This is time to get serious!


tash said...

You would be a great instructor! Kinda mean but great ;) (haha)

I'd taken a class form you for sure because I know you'd make me work hard!

Vanessa said...

That sounds like something you would be awesome at! I hope you do it :D

spunkysuzi said...

You'd love to do that ;)
Tough love challenge is what we all need!! I'm in.

Jen said...

I think you would make an awesome instructor as well!!!! I could TOTALLY see you doing it!!!

And yes, you SHOULD be excited about the challenge because it is WICKED awesome!!! I think little details are still getting worked out, but everybody seems to be game and ready to give it hell!!!

Sara said...

That sounds like it would be awesome!! You should definitely be an instructor!

Sagan said...

So cool! You should definitely be an exercise instructor!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Well THAT is just the perfect door opening up for you at the right time now isn't it! That is such the perfect think for you it's crazy! You would definitely make an excellent instructor AND it keeps you honest with your own workouts. Absolutely awesome.

eurydice said...

that would really be so awesome if you taught the step class. $300 would pay for itself over time, because you could do it for more than just the summer!