Friday, September 5, 2008

Um seriously

I have nothing to do at work, (well things I could work on but we don't know if the project has been approved so it could all be scrapped later and we don't get paid for it, but then again if I'm doing nothing we're not paid for that either...) and the bosses are all gone. Even my coworkers are gone. There are 2 secretaries and the lab guy here. I'm the only engineer. If somebody calls wanting to speak with an engineer, they'd have to pass it to me. ridiculous.

So I think for about an hour and a half or so, maybe I'll half assed work on this unapproved project (bosses aren't even here to ask if I should go ahead with this or not!) and then get out of here.

Walmart was enjoyable. bought some black sport socks. Never had them before. I basically only wear sport socks now because I wear through others so fast. Which is funny because for years and years I was known for my ridiculous socks. Even before that was cool I was wearing crazy colored socks and striped ones and everything. I've still got some of my best socks, these wicked witch of the west thigh highs (for cold days people!), green ones with silver dollar signs all over them, skull and crossbone socks, about 15 different Christmas pairs, a couple halloween, my Saskatchewan Roughrider socks, my Saskatchewan Wildlife Association socks, name and origin of name socks with the name Henry on them (present from my brother who totally gets me). But what do I wear? Only my Champion, Starter, New Balance, other Champion and a couple other brands of sport socks. But what i've found is these don't look soo good when you're not wearing sneakers. I've got these sporty shoes that basically are sporty ballet flats with a velcro band, and they look goofy with white sport socks, hence my black ones. They're only select padded or something so they still look like "trouser socks" from the top, but the heel and toe are padded up on the bottom. clever.

Plus for $3 I bought these gold sandals that are actually pretty nice, incase the red shoes don't go with what I end up wearing, it'll match my gold necklace.

I also bought the Clean Eating cookbook for family and children or something like that. It was only $15, plus I returned a sweater that looked like crap for $15 so there ya go. Flipping through it it seemed pretty good, nice "normal" food recipes, plus a huge section at the front, I'm assuming going through the clean eating philosophy. Except the one blurb I caught threw me off a little bit "the importance of going poo". Well it is important I guess!

When I ditch this popsicle stand I'll go to the mall, exchange that shirt. Look around for a non black, non poofy/flare skirt. I like the tweed ones but haven't found a decent lengthed one for cheap (I'm so short in the legs that knee length ones, hit midcalf on me. Not a flattering look). But only if it's really cheap. Might try on some fancy shmancy dresses if I'm feeling thin. Just to get an idea. If there's tons and tons of time I might go home for an hour and help hubby with the sod. Not so much that I want to help him since he'll have lots of help, but I guess my control freak wants me to have a say in how it's done. What if they do it wrong? Oh I've got problems. I also don't want to wait all weekend to see it done finally!

Ok well I better get working on my 1 hour of work (see how that reduced already?)


Sagan said...

Sucks about work- that just makes the day so sluggish.

Let us know what you think about Tosca's Clean Eating book! Her family cookbook is really good.

Jen said...

That work situation does NOT sound fun!!!!

I HAVE to wear funky socks...I am not a "sock fan" so I will only wear them if they are fun!!!!