Wednesday, September 10, 2008

staying on board

So I feel like I have been really rocking things for the past week or so. Even with my extra treat on the weekend, it was 1 piece of cake. That's all I've been off in ages!

And the scale has rewarded me. I stepped on before my shower today and saw 137.0 (I think, it was a quick peak). And this was AFTER I thought I over ate yesterday for supper!

I made chicken quesadillas. Thinking 1 for each of us, I put a tortilla, 1 chicken breast cut up, a reasonable serving of grated cheddar (which is far less than I traditionally put in, definately a good idea to cut a piece first and grate only that) then a crapload of salsa topped with a second tortilla. So the only thing that's a bit much would be 2 tortillas each. Cut these into 6 slices and voila - delicious and healthy! I served it with a veggie and dip tray I got for 50% off because the best before day is today (so as long as we ate it yesterday - all good!). I really hardly ate any veggies, which isn't so good. And I only had about 4 slices, and I thought I was going to explode! Which is funny because it looks like such little food. But sooo filling for some reason! Didn't even serve it with sour cream or anything. I also had a glass of milk. mmm.

So that all happened after I bought groceries. Very much sticking to way healthy things. I did buy some so so stuff, like canned fruit and applesauce and stuff. That's because I had run out of (ripe) fruit for lunches, that happens sometimes and I still need my fruits. (can't do anything about hard peaches but wait...).

So then I barely had time to cook supper, put groceries away, eat and then clean up (all done in 55 minutes!) and this insurance lady came over. I hate insurance. If you are a big pusher of insurance don't comment telling me I'm wrong or how important it is, you'll just piss me off. I feel like you should need most insurance (in Canada) because your emergency savings should cover most of this. I do have critical illness insurance, I'm torn over this one, I mean odds are that I will one day get cancer or some other critical illness right? And it is expensive treatment to maybe go to another city, take all that time off work etc etc. But odds are also good that I won't get it until I'm older, (I know you can get it early, but stats people.) So my $25 a month or whatever it is, COULD be put into that savings account and then I'd have that money if I ever need it down the road. Sort of my own insurance thing. But the problem is, with my hubby and his money habits, we just wouldn't put that $25 aside and not touch it. So we have insurance. And life insurance because we had to with our house. I definately wouldn't have had this otherwise until we have kids. (why would I want to be rich if hubby dies? would not make me feel better, just enough to cover funeral expenses and like a month off work, until we have kids that is).

Anyway, hubby also has an emergency surgery insurance or something. So if he has to be in the hospital from an accident and is totally disabled for 1 day, he gets $50. That doesn't cover his being off work for a day, it would basically cover parking at the hospital, gas for me to visit, and food for me I guess. But he also gets $50 a day that he's at home and can't work, which is a minimum of 10 days (they pay out) or else 3 x the number of days you were in the hospital. So again, it doesn't cover your wage from work, but the nice thing is, if you had to take 2 days off work, they'd still pay you for 10 days. So you can make money by having an accident.

We also bought him last night one that you don't have to be completely disabled for, just have to have stitches or broken bone or other small surgery things, and you get paid out $700. It was only $6 a month, and hubby needs stitches about every 2 years, so again, we'd make money. (if he didn't need it for 3 years, we'd be losing money, this way the cost is covered). He also doesn't need to miss work after. So what we should have done is cancelled his other policy and just had this one.

I also got another insurance. This is a sickness insurance. And it was only because of the possibility (looming threat? ;) ) of babies on the horizon. It pays out for pregnancy complications, like if you have to be in the hospital during your pregnancy (as SIL had to be), I think if you're off work like bed rest (aka not normal pregnancy) as well as if you have to have a c-section. It's the same thing, so much for a day in, and then so much for every day of recovery out. After she left, I told hubby that we'd probably only keep these insurances for a couple years, like once i'm done having babies, and if he ever takes a desk job or anything. I know it can happen, but it's not that likely that you have to be in the hospital because of a sickness (like bad pneumonia or something) that wouldn't be covered on the critical illness. Plus as I was saying, we're building our own emergency nest egg.

Ugh, I just hate insurance. And people who are all for insurance, reminds me of people who are all for unions. ;) not my kind of people...

ANYWAY, back on track...

Tonight is going to be a challenge. We're ordering chinese with my brothers (my friend owns the restaurant!). I'm just going to get the order for 3 instead of 4 since there's always soooo much food. Plus I'm going to stick to mostly the soup and veggies. Small portions of noodles and meat since it's all breaded and deep fried. Basically a taste. We'll have raw veggies to munch on also. It's not going to be too tough since I'm not a crazy chinese fan. I'll just keep my portions way down.

Then today or tomorrow I'm going out for lunch with the girls too. That's never too tough, I just have a salad with dressing on the side, maybe hold the cheese. They're my favorite things anyway. It's weird how tastes change. I can barely stand creamy pasta now.

So yesterday at 9:30 at night after insurancy chicky finally left I did an abbreviated strength routine. I'm only getting half marks for it. I did 2 instead of 3 sets, and it was an easy routine, much easier than I should have been doing. Just piled through it. But I did do it even though I wasn't going to. (I was waiting for hubby to finish what he was doing so we could have some baby talk - ha sounds funny. But he basically didn't finish so I went to bed).

This also means I didn't get any of the huge list of stuff done either. Tonight before bros come over (well first I have to do some running around in the city) I'm going to pick my tomatoes and peppers. Also try and squeeze in a quick run or bike with the dog. Poor thing has been cooped up for awhile (can't have run of the backyard right now because there's no gate, so just her dog run). That's probably it for tonight, maybe start some laundry. No wedding stuff this week basically. Tomorrow will be packing. PLUS I need to get a good strength routine in to make my goals this week!


Jen said...

Ugh, Insurance confuses the HECK out of me...blah...I have some insurances (obviously house and car...and then life and critical illness on the house or something like that)...but STILL...doesn't benefits cover some of those things?? I just don't understand (I agree with what you said about insurance AND unions!!)

I have kind of lost everything else I was going to say...except yeah, I had creamy pasta the other night and it was DISGUSTING!! I haven't had it in a LONG time and I was not impressed...tastes DEFINITELY change!!!

Sara said...

I come from a family that doesn't love unions (being small business owners) but my husband, in-laws and most of my friends are part of unions (govt and teachers) and I do really wish I could be part of one with their pension plans, and vacation days and etc.

You weren't able to do your Plan A workout but you were able to do your Plan B so that is pretty awesome!!

Good Luck with Chinese and all your errands tonight!

Sagan said...

Eek. Insurance. So confusing/frustrating.

So cool that your friend owns a restaurant!

eurydice said...

I don't know how I feel about insurance. It doesn't seem worth it to pay so much every month... but then if anything ever did happen it would come in handy for sure.