Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday monday

Welcome to monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was good. (hi how are you? I am fine.) I feel a bit jipped that it's over already. I spent 0 time at home, and 0 time with hubby. oh well.

Went home friday night. didn't do anything then. got a ride with SIL and SIL and baby. Saturday morning, I got up early to go for a run, but it was really rainy and wet out, plus without a dog I just felt too strange to run. So I sat with SIL while she nursed baby and then just gossipped with her for like 2 hours. Almost noon now so I finally got off my butt and just did some squats and lunges and pushups and t-planks and crunches. I was feeling the burn and getting a bit sweaty. It was odd working out like that while everyone else was just hanging out watching me. But I did it anyway. go me! Then it was getting the church basement decorated for the shower, then some lounging and tv, then supper and then shower time! I looked smoking hot, but nobody has pictures because I was the official photographer. I wore a black skirt, and that black ballerina t-shirt with the giant key hole back. And red high heels and a long gold necklace. Even my hair cooperated. I looked good. Anyway, it was sort of awkward at the shower for me. Since I'm not in the wedding party I didn't get to sit at the head table. And since I wasn't from town I didn't know anybody well enough to just go join them. But I knew everyone enough that they'd talk to me and it would look weird if I sat by myself. But that's what I did anyway. A friend of MILs sat with me (but she was super annoying). I didn't really play games or whatever since I sort of helped them plan them and buy the prizes and stuff. I was just sort of at a weird in between thing. Like I helped decorate and partially plan the shower, but then I had to just participate like some random person who didn't know anything about it. So I busied myself with official photographer business like taking 150 pictures in about 1 hour.

As for the goal of having 1 "cheat" at the shower, I failed, I had 2. I had 1 piece of rhubarb cake which was super good. The rest of it was fruit and veggies. Tried 1 bit of a bacon dip, no spinach dip or crackers or anything. But when we got back to the house for the after party, I had a piece of coconut cake. and it wasn't that good so it wasn't worth it. I did go nuts on the fruit again. I didn't even have a piece of my chocolate zuccini cake saturday at lunch when MIL and SIL tried a piece (for lunch dessert). I didn't even have a piece at all! I left all the leftovers with various family and brought back a clean dish. I sorta feel like I missed out on my cake, like I did all the work of making it, and it's got veggies in it. But no, I can eat cake at the wedding in 5 weeks! Until then, I'm being good!

SILs forced me to have a drink with them, so I had a cherry whiskey and diet coke. Then kept refilling with just coke. I also had a couple jello shooters when forced to. I think I've come to that as my plan. Instead of being a strict nondrinker like I have been, making it awkward and uncomfortable to explain to people and then people assuming I'm pregnant, I'm just going to have 1 drink when "forced". That is, when no thanks 3 times doesn't work. I was still dead sober, but things didn't get awkward for anybody. Plus it helped that I could tell SILs that it was because I didn't want the calories, since they get the losing weight for the wedding thing.

Sunday was a late start, then we went to visit hubby's grandma and grandpa in the home. They're real sweet. And sad. Grandma's health has improved and her attitude and everything since moving out there, but Grandpa's has declined (they moved out there because grandma couldn't take care of the house etc any more, grandpa was still fine, now it's opposite). Very sad. Hubby was really close to his grandpa, visiting him once a week to play pool and visit. He's like 96 or something. And for that he's still doing great, he still plays pool and physically he's awesome, but his mind is starting to go, forgetting things and losing things. It's sad because he knows it too and it upsets him. He knocks his head and says it's hollow or that there's something wrong with his computer. Plus when you hug him goodbye, he grabs your hand and doesn't let you go and starts talking and asking questions and saying how lonely he gets when people only visit once in awhile. It's out of our way by a good hour (making it a 3 hour trip home) but I think we're going to visit more often. And I think we might push this baby thing a bit sooner maybe, it would be great to get one of those 4 generations pictures.

Anyway, didn't make it home until 7, brought a sub home for supper. Then didn't do much once I got there. Hubby was grumpy and busy so I said hi and then he ignored me for 3 hours until I went to bed. frustrating. Especially because I was seeing everybody else's husbands who you would never notice were softies doing just subtle things while still being the tough cool guy (put his arm around his wife while talking to the other guys and she talked to the girls, and then rubbed her shoulder with his thumb, Hubby has NEVER done that). I'm not upset, but it just would be nice sometimes if he did things like that for me.

I weighed this morning and it was exactly the same as friday. So that's great after a weekend, especially considering I had a crapload of peanut butter last night (2 bananas full and then just a knife full.) And considering I had weekend bathroom syndrome (anybody else suffer from this and know what I'm talking about? Not getting enough water and fibre on the weekends, combined with not your home toilet? mm-hmm) AND considering it's just before TOM. I'd say that's pretty darned good.

So as it's monday I need to do my weekly goal thing. Since I didn't do 100% on my last weeks goals, I'm not going to get my reward. It was a scrapbook treat. Which is ok. I'm going to a scrapbook class tonight in a store so I'd love to buy some chipboard thing or something, but it's fine, I had 2 treats instead of one. If I do all my goals this week I get to buy a new fall coat next monday (which I sort of could use but not NEED). What are those goals?

1. Do proper strength workouts twice. Not just doing what I feel like, but following a plan.
2. I have the MS bike tour this weekend (click if you want to pledge!) So I'll be getting a good 66 km bike ride for a workout. No problems there. but the lunch and supper and snacks are provided. So my goal for that will be to continue normal eating through it. Just because they offer a granola bar every hour doesn't mean I have to eat one. 2 granola bars all day, hopefully they have fruit at these stops too. Definately bringing some of my own snacks. This also includes meals, I don't remember what they're serving, but I'll watch my portions. My cheat will be a dessert on saturday or a cookie. I've been craving cookies. No chips or anything while we're camping either.
3. To and from bike tour will be eating out. I'll stick to salads and subs. No fries. No fast food cookies.

I think that should do 'er. I'll still try and get my 4 workouts this week, definately getting one in on the weekend! And of course I'll still be eating my protein and snacks and limiting sugar and carbs. Lunches have been so great lately, between homemade hamburger soup and spinach salads with tuna or hard boiled egg I've been perfect. Hopefully this week will give me a nice loss!

I went dress shopping friday for a dress for SILs wedding next month. I tried on some of those Le Chateau dresses, sort of 40's vampy cocktail dresses. LOVE THEM! I am in between sizes though (they're only small medium and large, not numbers). The medium is too big in the hips but fits good in the chest. Can't do up the small across my back but fits alright in the bottom. Contemplating getting some kind of corsetty spanx or something to help define my waist in them. Since they're soo that style ya know? We'll see what diet and exercise can do for another 3 weeks and then go serious shopping.


Sagan said...

I love cocktail dresses, they're so pretty.

Glad to hear that your weekend was good even if the shower was a bit awkward!

Sara said...

Wow what a busy sounding weekend. Good for you for getting in some exercise!!!

I have the same issues when traveling b/c I have IBS, like on avg I'll go 1/week during vacation and then it takes me 2-3 weeks to get back to normal. When we went away for reading week in uni I didn't go once and then didn't go for the 3 weeks after landing me in er, not fun!!! So anyways, you aren't alone!

eurydice said...

that is an insanely busy weekend! congrats on not gaining... that never happens for me!

Shannon said...

you should try RW & Co. LOVE their dresses

Jen said...

That is a crazy busy weekend!!!

Sounds like you did pretty friggin good though!!!

I bet you were the hottest chick at the shower too! Good call with the alcohol!!!

That's too bad that hubby isn't more affectionate...I always like a little hug or cuddle or rub on the shoulder when we are out too...especially if you are mingling separately...just to know he's thinking of you too...HOWEVER (little story) yesterday at Walmart this chick went and latched on to her boyfriend (a hug from the front) and she wouldn't even let go when he was paying...that was WAY too much...but a little is nice!