Wednesday, September 17, 2008

gonna get busy

So I thought I'd post early. I've got a proposal that's got to go out today, and it's unlike any that I've ever done before so I really gotta go over things. therefore I'm gonna get this post out early and then work uninterrupted.

So yesterday worked out good. I went to the gym after work, got all changed and ready only to discover that I forgot to put my running shoes in my gym bag after class on Monday. So I only had my beat up street sneakers (which are more like skater shoes than gym shoes, and have no tread or arch support and are falling apart, I'm stylish like that). So I wore them anyway and didn't do any running. I figured you don't need good shoes for the recumbant bike so that's what I did my intervals on. It was a suprisingly good workout, sweat was just dripping off me and my butt was killing me. So after 30 minutes of that I hopped on an elliptical and did a 20 minute interval workout that just changed the incline every minute. It was done at a much lower intensity and while reading. But was a nice workout anyway. Tried to stretch my hamstrings which are dying from mondays class. Then changed and was off to my friend's house.

Supper was good, my hamburger soup, a whole wheat bun with becel, some spinach salad and then a mocha cheesecake for dessert. If you're going to have a dessert cheat it should be cheesecake every time. Yum.

We were going to do facials like you do at sleepovers (masks and stuff) but we just ended up gossiping all night. It was great. We talked about everything from our first periods to money to babies to sex. It was so fun. Didn't get home until 11:00 and then it took me awhile to calm down and go to sleep. Woke up tired this morning. Hate that.

Today the scale showed 137.6. So that's not a bad number all considering it was after my cheat, AND my legs are KILLING ME and therefore probably retaining water still. Tonight is another exercise class, kick boxing and upper body weights. My breakfast was cereal (I mix many cereals together), lunch will be leftover soup, supper I'm not so sure. I'm making wings for hubby (just bake them in the oven for 1 hour with the sauce on, they end up just like bar wings but not deep fried). I don't like them so I think I'm just going to have an omlete or something.

I'm already feeling time crunched with just these 2 classes each week. I had to do dishes this morning because I haven't been home to do them for 2 nights and tonight is the same. Not to mention laundry and the sewing etc I'm supposed to do. But I will have a whole day this weekend for just catching up. Plus I don't usually do things with the girls on tuesdays so I'd have that day. (I was debating in my head whether I really want to sign up and pay for 2 classes/week from now until Christmas. But I think I still do.)

Anyway, proposal isn't writing itself!


Angie All The Way said...

Nice call on the recumbant bike with the sneaks! Excuses are for losers.

Good luck on the proposal and get workin and quit reading this! :-P

Carolyn said...

Good luck on the proposal!

You are just seriously rocking this exercise thing. Why can't you live closer so you can drag me with you everytime you go???

tash said...

Girl nights are so much fun!

Sagan said...

I love girls nights!

And cheesecake is the best. Mmmm.

Sara said...

Wow what a great workout and good for you for doing it in your street sneaks!!

Baked wings sound so yummy actually - I'll have your share!!

Jen said...

I hear you on the time crunch!! There are so few hours in the day to get stuff done and I am constantly in "go" mode (not that I mind though...I like being busy as opposed to just sitting around...

Your girls night sounded like a blast!!!