Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I read a post over at Mizfit's today, talking about how journalling is totally key to successful weight loss right? and since I would like to be totally successful at weight loss I think it's maybe worth giving up my 6 year old urge to cry and scream "IDONTWANNAIDONTWANNAIDONTWANNA!!!" and maybe give it a shot. Some of you are all like "what's the big deal, I've done it for years and years and it doesn't hurt". I don't know what the big deal is. It just gives me the same feeling that finding out I have to work through the weekend would give me. I don't measure things to begin with. So in order to do this properly I'll have to do that. Obviously that's a good idea, but just another annoyance for me. Plus I don't eat a lot of packaged food, which is good, but that packaged food has the nutritional info right on the package. So I'm going to have to figure out the nutrition for all these ingredients and then divide it up for my recipes.

Ok so that's totally minor I guess. I still don't wanna. But I decided I'm going to do it. *cue encouraging comments and ass busting from the BLBE peeps*

As I only decided that right now, I won't have an accurate measurement for most of my food today since it's already packed unmeasured. But we'll estimate:

breakfast - mulitgrain cheerios (1.5 cups?), fibre first (1/3 cup?), skim milk - no idea, I didn't drink the milk out of the bowl when I was done, so how much does cereal suck up?

second breakfast - banana

That's all I got so far. I packed a bunch of food but I don't know what I'm going to eat. I know lunch will be my homemade hamburger soup, any ideas what I should do for this? It has a ton of ingredients, I didn't measure any of them. Just look up a generic hamburger soup online? but I've got beans and barley in mine as well which will up the fibre. Arg. annoyed already. Maybe I'll just focus on the food and serving size, not the macronutrients and calories. Then if I'm not seeing anything to change or seeing weight loss just from the accountability, THEN I'll try and do calories etc.

So yesterday was a gong show. After work I had to meet this girl who bought a drill off hubby on kijiji. (he's selling all kinds of junk that he doesn't need, but with him laid up, I'm the delivery girl). Then I got gas and groceries. As soon as I got home I had to go take hubby's movies back. Finally got home and could make supper (tacos) and unpack groceries and clean up the kitchen a bit (dishes etc). Ate. By now it's already 7:15. Quickly change and take the dog for a quick jog, then get home grab a water bottle and my weights and go to kickboxing. (totally need new shoes stat!) Get home by 9:45, empty dishwasher, change laundry, go to bed and read magazine for too long, finally go to sleep. Hubby slept in the bed, not the couch, so I slept really lightly trying not to bump him, and everytime he moved I'd sit up and ask what was the matter. So this morning I was exhausted.

Yesterday afternoon (only 24 hours since he got home) he called me and said if I needed him to try his cell cause he had to go to the city. I told him that he couldn't drive anywhere, he was on bed rest. Small argument ensued, I won. But it also means that in a couple hours I have to drive home at noon, pick him up, drive him to the city, run this errand for his hockey team (yeah, that's important), then drive him home and go back to work. That's probably 1.5 hours of driving alone (we live out of town right?) let alone whatever this errand is. ARG. I love him, but he is a nurses worst nightmare. He's already bored and cranky and doing things he shouldn't be and he's only been off 1 day. He's gotta be off for like a month at least.

I threatened to teach him how to sew so he could finish my neice's dress for the wedding.

Anyway, today I might stay a bit later at work to make up for all my absence lately. (though I'm pretty much done my big list of stuff). Plus I really wanna get new shoes ASAP. But when I get home, I'm going for a quick jog hopefully (even 15 minutes) then I can do weights and stuff while watching Grey's for 2 hours tonight. Sweet. Supper I think will be just leftovers, the fridge is just bursting.

Food update:
100 cal pack all bran bites (I know I know, they're for hubby, but I had to try them! nice high fibre (5g), but not that great) and 1 cup finesse yogurt (approx 110 calories, 8 g protein)

lunch - hubby made me a sandwich - roast beef, WW bread, lettuce, mayo (light I hope) and mustard. 100 cal pack Reese bits or something. small box raisins. 1.5 cups honeydew melon

snack - cheese string, 1 cup grapes, peach


Jen said...

*laughs* I totally pictured you have a hissy fit!!!!

Journalling isn't bad at all...measuring can be annoying, but I have a cupboard in the kitchen now that has all my measuring cups, spoons and weigh scale, so it isn't too bad...and then I just keep them out when I am making recipes...I will also say I am pretty bad for eyeballing stuff...but I have a fairly good eye now...sometimes I eyeball and THEN measure and I am pretty close...

Poor hubby!!! I can't imagine being stuck at home...I would be a baby I think! But it definitely seems to be taking it's toll on you!!! Hope it all starts to work out soon!!!

I am sad to miss grey's tonight!! I have school... :(

Anonymous said...

you are TOO FUNNY! Your hub does sound like a nurse's worst nightmare. cute though.

I definately recommend journalling. I love it. I always have my journal in my purse.

eurydice said...

you should forgot about the calories for stuff you've already made, but next time when you make something, sit down and figure out the stats. really that's why journaling is so effective. annoying as hell, but effective!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Men suck at being sick. I dread it when DBF even has a sniffle because I know he'll just become a whiny snivelly lump on the couch.

Hopefully he is able to do more himself soon so you don't have to be his nurse AND his errand girl.


As for journalling, try an online one like Sparkpeople or something. It might not be exact as to what you are eating, but it will be close. I'm using it for DBF's new diet and it works.

Sagan said...

Hope the journaling works for you!

Sounds like your husband is starting to feel a bit better! said...

I started experimenting with a visual journal -- for me faster and less OCD ;-) I snap a quick pic and that's that. No weigh, measure, etc. Plus I read an article about a study in the UK that said people who take a pic of what they eat lose more than people who write it down. So, I decided to try it! Plan B is jot it down in my planner. I'm in high tech, but I don't have the time/patience to log it all online -- I've tried them all. SO, basically, I just kept trying stuff until I found what suited my personality and what I was going to maintain. Just keep trying stuff and see what works! :-)

Angie All The Way said...

That is so cute that you would jump up and ask him what's wrong every time he'd move! That would be me for sure. My hubby would be a big baby for sure.

I am so surprised that you haven't been journalling or actually measuring! Maybe the last 10 lbs is the difference between measuring/journalling vs. not?