Monday, September 15, 2008

Moving forward

As of now I shall no longer think of what was, only what is and what will be. And now I shall discuss my imminent plans to propel me towards my goal (aka weekly goals):

1. Have a perfect weekend. Seriously, it can be done and I'm gonna prove it! All snacks will conform to my fruit/veggie and protein requirements

2. Cheat will be a minor one tomorrow. Supper with girlfriends where we will be having dessert. Don't know what it is but I can have it. (I'm brining hamburger soup and buns for the meal)

3. Do proper running intervals twice this week. Weather's cooperating.

Ta da. And that is how you erase past damage right?

I've got my exercise classes starting this week. Tonight I think it's a just weights class for an hour. Then wednesday it's cardio and weights, I think kick boxing? maybe step. I have to remember to ease into this since it's been such a long time since I did these types of things. Fun fun.

Tuesday as I said I'm going to my girlfriends house for facials and gossip. But not until 6:30, meaning I've got an hour in the gym before hand. Sweet. Going to do my first set of proper intervals then (even though it's nice out). lookout treadmills. Might also work on my chin-ups since they've fallen off the radar in the last year. Depends how sore I am from tonight for anything else. Gotta remember my mp3 player and maybe a magazine (I'm thinking I might just do some easy-ish cardio after my intervals.)

The weekend plan of perfection will be my biggest challenge. But we have no big event going on. We're going to try and go to my parents to check on their house while they're gone, and visit hubby's grandparents in the home. But I also will be doing some serious sewing (I started neice's dress, it looks ok, hopefully it fits, it was harder than I thought to work with the sheer fabric). Maybe I can bring it home part finished for her to try on before I get too much further. But if I'm keeping busy (sewing) and bring fruit for the road trip I should be able to stay on track. Road trips do get tough, but I won't bring a single granola bar since they don't fill me up at all and don't really make me feel like I've even eaten anything.

Plus the weather this week is supposed to be mid 20s so that just screams for some outdoor activity, including cleaning out my garden and planting fall bulbs and doing whatever other yard work needs to get done before snow. dirty hands aren't exactly appetizing.

So I think I've got a good plan for the week. How about you all, I know a few of you are starting over getting serious this week, what's your plan?


Jen said...

THat's sounds like a pretty kick-ass comeback I have ever heard of!!!

I don't think your weekend was THAT bad in retrospect...especially with all the exercise with the biking!! But you have an amazing action plan for the week!!!

Amanda said...

I think trying to be perfect is...well a set up for failing. One it makes you constantly think about it and two it makes you feel bad if you don't do it.

I think you eat right most of the time and are really a healthy person.I bet if you just focused on all the really good things you do, the other stuff would start to slide away or just matter less and you'd still have those rockin' muscles!

Angie All The Way said...

Getting in the gym BEFORE meeting the girls and having your minor cheat will be great on the head. You will feel 1) like your cheat is earned; and 2) you may feel so proud that you'll refrain from a major cheat.

Great plan.