Friday, September 26, 2008

You thought I was serious before?

Dudes it is super serious time here in my world. I have motivation like I've never had before. and I've got a strict deadline, and it's coming fast. What's going on? I bought a dress. and it doesn't fit great. I can get it zipped up but it might burst if I try and move much. This is the dress I'm going to wear to SILs wedding on October 18. Which is like 3 weeks away. And it's not just the belly that has to go, it's the ribcage even.

It's a super cute red halter dress. I almost bought the other super cute red dress, that's really really similar (both have ruching and this 1940's Mad Men (tv show) or cocktail lounge singer feel to them. Tres sexy. Va va voom dress. from Le Chateau, in a size small. !!!!! (I'll try and get pictures this weekend)

I measured myself this morning, after a disappointing WI, though not suprising (138.0). Only my three key areas, belly button, waist and under bust. These numbers were up 0.5 to 1 inch from measurements just a week ago. Turns out I did worse than I thought in the hospital. However, that's 1 week to go up like that, hopefully I can trim those back down by next week as well. Maybe it's partly water retention. But I do definately know that I have room to do some work as well.

As such, my food journal (from where I left off)
supper - big salad, 4 cups romaine, handfull of cherry tomatoes, 3 inches worth of cucumber slices, handfull (I know I should have got some spoons out) of feta (I'm guessing 2 tbsp), half a can of salmon. 15 squirts of italian spritzer. Banana. glass of milk. 3/4 cup of butterscotch pudding (while watching grey's, for some reason I feel like I NEED a treat while watching this. next week, nothing)

breakfast - (running late, no measuring, again, I know I know, sorry) approx 1.5 cups of mulitgrain cheerios, handful (1/2 cup?) of fibre first. milk, banana. (note to self, that's a heck of a lot of bananas again...)

snack - baby carrots. 1 cup?

lunch will be hamburger soup. but I'll be back with that later.
(it's later, I had about 1.5 cups of hamburger soup, 1.5 cups of honeydew melon, water. I feel like eating some more but I'm not going to. If I get busy I'll forget.

even later, 1 cup yogurt, cheese string, apple

will be half order of lasagna at boston pizza, or maybe fettucini with different sauce, both were approx 450 calories, with salad with house dressing, and maybe 1 drink)

I got home from shopping yesterday and did a proper set of interval sprints before eating. Felt good. Didn't do anything else though as I couldn't leave the tv (one reason I HATE winter, this is the first time in ages that I've sat down and watched 3 hours of tv, heck, I haven't even sat and watched 30 minutes straight in probably 4 months! boo!) Made me wish I had a bike or the elliptical didn't squeak like crazy, I could totally do that for the whole time. Treadmill's gotta go back on the wish list I guess.

Unfortuntately today will be completely devoid of exercise. After sleeping late this morning and barely having time to get ready, feeling guilty at work for missing so much so don't want to leave early, and then tonight I've got a concert to go to! Right after work I'm headed to SILs to change, then we're going out for supper (Boston Pizza I think, I'll check it out online first, I know my favorite salad there has like 1000 calories! boo!), and then to see Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire! yay! I love Kelly. Don't particularly know any Reba, but my SILs are going nuts about her so I'm sure I'll know something. I guess maybe I'll be doing some dancing, sorta exercise.

Tomorrow, I can't believe it's the weekend. (3 day work weeks rock). I have a huge list - of course. It includes, going to Walmart and shopping like crazy (call me trailer trash but it is my FAVOURITE store. and it's the anniversary sale.), going somewhere and buying running shoes, going for another interval run (maybe 2, i'm super serious now!), then sewing like a demon to get this stupid dress done. I hate when it's not fun so I better just get it over with. Then I can do something more fun like sew the bride's veil. (seems fun anyway).

Anyway, I'm also going to take pictures and try and post them this weekend. And do some prep work for meals for the next week. Maybe plan everything out for the whole week so I can't screw up. Already I'm feeling deprived, I'm trying out smaller snacks but I shouldn't have started with baby carrots, they make me feel hungrier than before I ate for some reason.


Jen said...

haha!!! You are SOOOO not trailer trash!!!

I am a bit scared...if before you were "unmotivated" Randi...super-friggin-motivated Randi is going to be TERRIFYING (and a force to be reckoned with!!!!)

Have fun at your concert!!! I like Reba!

Angie All The Way said...

Dude, you're gonna rock!

I'd friggin LOVE to see Kelly and Reba, I love them both! I don't even buy cd's anymore and I bought Kelly's and listened to it endlessly and Reba is timeless - love her, she's such a beautiful woman. So crazy how those two teamed up.

Your motivation and enthusiasm in this post alone practically bounced off my screen and poked me - it's enough to make me be sure not to go over my points this weekend!