Monday, September 15, 2008


So my weekend wasn't so hot in terms of diet. I didn't think I was soooo off plan, and I did have a lot of salt, so the nasty scale reading could have a lot to do with that I suppose. But it showed me at 140.0, so that's up like 3 or 4 lbs from friday! Definately not the stay the same I wanted.

Friday afternoon we went lawn bowling with work. It was actually pretty fun, it was a cross between curling and bocce ball, both of which I love. But I didn't get away as early as I wanted and had to scramble to pack and bike with Daisy and everything. I managed, though my packing wasn't so hot, forgot gloves and a touque and only had the clothes I was wearing for Sunday. Oh well.

I managed to eat house food instead of take-out though. But it wasn't so much better. Just cheaper. I had my leftover burrito half from eating out on thursday. But it didn't feel like enough so I also had 2 pieces of WW toast with peanut butter. Plus some yogurt and fruit I think. too much right? But I didn't really snack too much that night. Just a 100 cal granola bar sitting by the fire. and lots of water and crystal light.

Saturday was our big ride. I ate a couple muffins before going down to register. They also had "breakfast" there, but it was just bagels and juice and bananas. I had half a banana. Then we were biking! 62 km. Took about 3 hours of actual on the bike time. All day though with breaks and lunch. I wore my garmin but forgot to hit start a couple times. I did pretty good at the snack breaks. Sticking to water and fruit mostly. Did have a couple pretzels (seriously like 2) and a cereal bar just before lunch because I was starving. At lunch I had an awesome sandwich (make it yourself) with turkey breast and roast beef, veggies and mustard on whole wheat. And a ton of carrots and celery and an apple. It was soooo good. I convinced hubby to keep biking (well guilted him into it actually but bugging him about being a quitter and how we'd have answer when people asked how it was that he quit half way.) His back was sore from hurting it earlier in the week, plus of course his butt from the seat. I was glad he kept going, but I did feel guilty because he was really cranky about it at first and if he was really hurt it would have been bad. But I think he was looking for excuses mostly. So for the last half we rode together and skipped one of the rest stops. After about half an hour hubby cheered up and we comiserated about how sore our butts were and strategized about gaining speed on downhills to make it up the next hill. It was fun, like a date, just the two of us.

We got back and it was time for supper, which was provided. It was burgers or chicken burgers. But I didn't want a burger. I just had a chicken breast with no bun. A bit of pasta salad and veggies. But I was saving up for my dessert (my planned cheat right?) I had 3 pieces of cake. and they weren't so good so it was a total waste. I remember last year the cake was amazing, but this year, dry, not enough icing. to clarify I had 1 big piece of chocolate, and 2 small pieces of white cake. Shouldn't have bothered and should have just had a couple more muffins. My garmin told me I burned 1600 calories biking. So we were joking how I could double the amount of food I normally would eat in a day and be fine. But we all know it really doesn't work that way. so that cake was my only real big mistake. BUT it was also sort of planned for as my weekly cheat.

My other mistake I guess would be not drinking enough water. But I also didn't want to pee all the time. We went to the bar after cleaning up to watch the rider game (we lost). I was hungry there too and I had a second cheat of the day. Hubby ordered dry ribs and mozza sticks (the bar had been closed for winter but opened for this night again and they had a really limited menu, even the bar didn't have any vodka!). So I had about 4 mozza sticks. Those things are horrible for you and I didn't even like them that much. I just was hungry and didn't want to go out to the car and get a granola bar. BOO me.

After the game we were all exhausted so just went back to the camp site and to bed. Sunday morning I was slow getting up and a bit sore. I had about a million muffins and a hotdog for breakfast, then an oatmeal to go bar, then a granola bar. Then more muffins. It was hangover eating without the hangover.

My big redemption is when we went to the bakery/store on our way out and everyone else was getting cinnamon buns and donuts, I got a banana and beef jerky and had myself a reasonably healthy lunch, if a bit salty. I tried chugging the liquids but that made me have to pee and we had a 2.5 hour drive. Again I munched on some granola bars (note to self, don't bring so many granola bars next time, throw in some apples!) on the drive home. But once we got home my supper was just peanut butter toast and a plum. So I didn't really have any proper meals all day sunday. I was hungry again in the evening and kept going back to the muffins, but I made popcorn and munched on that instead.

Spelling it all out like that I can see that there was a heck of a lot of sodium on sunday so that could contribute to the gain. Chugging back the green tea today (and water, but green tea right now) so hopefully I can fix this quick.

I again and not giving myself a check for this week's goals. So no new fall coat for me right now.

I'll do a new post with my looking ahead, this was looking back.


tash said...

What a long bike ride! I'm glad it turned out like a date for you and the hunny!

Sara said...

Salt and the fact that you burned 1600 cals on Sat. I've always found that the Monday after a really long run or half-marathon or long bike ride or the tri (you get my drift I'm sure!) I go up. Sort of goes along the lines of starvation mode, your body thinks you are going to do that again so starts stockpiling. Not a scientific explanation by any means but something that just makes sense to me!

eurydice said...

sounds like it's definitely the sodium.... that and probably just the food in your stomach. i can't even keep granola bars in the house because i munch on them when i'm feeling snacky... more than one or two at a time.