Friday, September 5, 2008

headed for the weekend

Well I'm headed for the weekend and I was feeling great about things last night. I'll just stick to that feeling and ignore the slight disappointment over WI this morning. 137.8. So technically a .3 gain from last week or so. But it's also like a 2 lb loss from monday. (so confusing.) I was hoping for lower but I gotta remember things move slowly and have patience. Also, yesterday's supper wasn't eaten until like 8:30 at night so that's gonna still be in the system.

Last night I spent about half an hour trying on all sorts of things from my closet trying to find what I wanted to wear to the shower tomorrow. My pencil skirt just doesn't look right right now, lacking some definition in the waist, or lacking a booty. Same thing with the multi-dress. It looks best on my as strapless, and it's just too cold and fall already for that. Plus it's not that fancy of an event. (bride to be was gonna wear pants or capris, not even a dress).

So what I decided on, even though I bought a really nice brown button up shirt (love the brown lately) I don't have anything that's not jeans or black to wear with it. So I'm returning it for a dark red one, or maybe green. Sort of jewel colored. Anyway, I'll either wear that with a black nothing fancy skirt (but looks pretty good on me, sort of a fitted, just above the knee thing), or that same skirt with this cute little black tshirt (looks like a ballerina shirt, pretty large key hole thing in the back, sort of a big neck hole. Hard to describe, from suzy sheir, only $9). So it's black on black, but I'll wear a nice long gold necklace I just got, with my red sexy heals. I think that plays it up enough. It'll be nice to look classy, nothing too sexy or revealing which would be inappropriate, but still shows off my body and is cool. I just sort of feel bad for wearing all black to a bridal shower, isn't it supposed to be all pastel? But it's an evening shower and I don't have to sit at a head table or anything. I also brought home just a white plain tshirt that I can wear if I'm feeling too dark, but then I'll look waitressy. oh well. Lots of options, including my new button up shirt I hope to exchange today. But I only have my red heals or black sporty flats to wear. We'll see. I know nobody else is going to be dressed up like me. SIL is still wearing maternity clothes (baby is 4 months?) and the other SIL just tends to wear non-trendy mom clothes.

Anyway, so yesterday I went shopping right after work (staying a bit late since I felt bad for leaving early so often). I bought SIL a little silk nightie and thong thing. In brown, which is her wedding color and also not too frilly and pink or skanky and black. A nice in between I think. It was only $20 and the only thing not either really bright or black so it'll have to do. And she can't exchange it because it's got panties with it, so that's sort of weird. I got an XS for her which I think is right, but again, who knows, but $20 right? So I also bought that button up shirt and ballerina shirt after hours of shopping. I looked a bit at dresses that I can wear to the wedding in Oct and really liked some of the ones at le Chateau but they're like $110 and very dressy, very pretty but I might look better than the bridesmaids! If anybody is in there anytime check them out let me know what you think. They're sort of an old fashioned '40's feel to them. Can't find any pictures right now. I really liked this gold one, it would look great with hubby's suit and in the family pictures (bridemaids dresses are brown, so it would be cream, gold, brown and black. Nice huh?) But that's also very flashy. Plus I'm so pale it might look stupid on me. We'll see, I didn't try any on yet.

So I didn't get home from shopping until about 6:45. Then since my supper was still cooking (hubby threw in the meatloaf for me, but he went out after work for burgers, he's still writing everything down, and not drinking pop and eating healthy snacks, but the rest is the same. baby steps). So Daisy and I went for a quick interval romp right away. I did 1 fast, 2 slow about 4 or 5 times, with a warm up, so only a 20 minutes workout but I was pooped by the end. And I really pushed it on some of those intervals, felt like barfing so it's working right? ;) Then I got back and helped hubby level out the dirt for the sod, rain was coming so did that before I ate. Plus it was getting dark. So by the time I went in to eat it was like 8:30 or so. I ate my meatloaf and some peanut butter and jam toast. That's what happens when you wait too long for your meals (hungry or not) you get lazy and don't make a proper size dish. I was definately short on veggies yesterday. (thank goodness my homemade soup has so much!).

Then as I said, I sorted through clothes trying to find something to wear. I love being smaller, means I like almost everything in my closet, I had a hard time packing because I wanted to wear everything (I don't care what I wear to work most days, nobody sees me, but even just one friend seeing me makes me want to dress up, at least wear my cool flattering clothes). So I probably over packed, considering I'll likely wear my workout clothes for at least 1 day (definately getting a workout in, even though I forgot to pack my MP3 player. SIL has a treadmill, might use that.)

Then finally went to bed. Today at noon I'm gonna run to walart pick up a few things. I'm just going to SILs straight after work and then home, so I need to buy a razor since I forgot one. And a couple other things. Seems weird, but I live 1/2 hour out of the city, so it would add an hour of driving at the end of my day to go home to get it. Instead I need that hour at the mall after work to return the shirt.

So I remembered my little goals for myself and have not had dessert all week. I made a chocolate zuccinni cake last night as well (productive!) but didn't try it. Unfortunately that means I don't know if it's really cooked cause it's so hard to tell (can't use the toothpick thing because it's soo moist, and there are chocolate chips that mess it up). But I don't think I'll actually eat any of it ever since I remembered my final weekly goal is to have 1 treat at the shower and stick to fruit, veggies, meat and cheese for the rest. I also have to buy some crystal light to drink or diet coke. I plan on being a machine!

Supper today will be eaten out, but I'm getting a salad with chicken from somewhere, whatever fastfood place SIL wants, everywhere has them. That on top of my soup for lunch, some fruit and veggies and yogurt for snack should make a healthy light day. I am so pumped to do some working out tomorrow morning in MILs house. Pushups and planks and squats. Maybe I'll inspire SIL or somebody to join me!

Ok, so heading to walmart soon! Then no work to do at the office until monday. Again, I need some good tips of online shopping or something to do. I gotta put in at least MOST of the afternoon at my desk. Have a good weekend!!!

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