Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So nice to get back to "normal". I'm not a person who gets stressed, but I'd say the last couple days have been close.

Hubby is fine, sleeping on the couch, probably doing too much already. He's going to be off from anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. But I'm anticipating around 4. Mostly because he's got a physical job. Yesterday, not 24 hours from his surgery, he was holding his baby neice and picking pens up off the floor. He was discharged from the hospital about 12 hours after his surgery (boy could I complain about Saskatchewan's hospitals now!). We were home just after lunch yesterday after running around filling prescriptions and picking up some essentials (he NEEDED Captain Crunch, he had a dream about it literally when he was under anestetic.) So yesterday afternoon I cleaned the house up, refilled his water bottles, made homemade hamburger soup, planted all my raspberries that I stole from home on the weekend (and were dying in the garage...) Did 3 loads of laundry, put away all hubby's laundry that he didn't do before the weekend. Made him up some onion dip, some pudding, and was in the process of making jello when it literally exploded everywhere. LITERALLY!!!! I have raspberry jello on the VAULTED ceiling! (do not try and put a lid on warm jello and shake it to mix it up.) So then I spent about 1.5 hours scrubbing it out of the carpet, the loveseat, the cupboards, walls, blinds, kitchen floor, my clothes. I think I should have cleaned it off my skin a bit earlier because I'm a bit pink stained still. (this was only 1 cup of liquid, I honestly have no idea how it hit as much as it did.) I'm not exaggerating when I say there was 20 ft radius pink splatter on absolutely everything. It's still a sticky pink disaster on the ceiling and in the kitchen on all the dishes and bananas and cereal boxes and stuff. But SIL and BIL and their baby came over and I just gave up after a little while. I'll need to get the ladder from the garage tonight.

It was a bit crazy at the hospital. They had no beds ready on Sunday night so hubby had to stay in the ER, with screaming, puking people everywhere. We were in the west side hospital, aka the sketchy one. He was advised to leave his wedding ring, wallet, even his shoes with me and I should put them in the car or take them home. Then he had to wait 7 hours for his (emergency) CT scan so they could figure out if it really was his appendix. Because he'd been feeling sore for almost a week, and his white cell count was pretty much normal, they were doubting it. However where it was presenting and the type of pain he described was text book. Poor hubby was getting poked by every intern, resident and surgeon in the place. And it REALLY hurt him when they poked it.

Of course this is a "health" emergency, rather than an accident. And of course hubby only has accident insurance and I'm the one with health insurance. So he gets no money from anywhere to help cover his time off work. We have to figure out how short term disability works and see if he can get some money from that. We'll get by just fine, but it would be nice to not have to eat up all our emergency fund (though as I pointed out, this is what it's for!)

My eating has been pretty crappy as of late. The weekend was good. I had no desserts and stuck to healthy food and drinks all weekend. But sunday night was a potluck for hubby's grandpa's 95th birthday. I tried to be conscious of what I was eating, but there wasn't much for veggies and greens, so it was a pretty heavy meal. then to the hospital and all the drama there, I had one meal of chicken fingers and fries, the rest of the time I ate cookies or granola bars. I did have an apple once.

The scale is showing me at 138. So that's up 2 lbs from my BLBE starting weight. Not the best start. No excuses, I definately could have eaten better, I just didn't. But from here on out I'm back. Today I've got some chickpea curry packed for lunch, a dish of berries with splenda, yogurt, apple, nectarine and cheese string. Supper is going to be something with ground beef, maybe pasta or tacos. we'll see. (the meat's browned already)

Tonight I also have my kickboxing class (missed weights on monday). I'm not sure if I'll go or not, or if hubby will need me at home (he'll of course tell me to go though). If I stay I can still do weights at home. I will take the dog for a quick jog at least, she's going a bit nuts (poor thing has been pretty cooped up for the last few days).

Anyway, I'm back at work now, and things have piled up a bit. So I actually have some work to do! I'm going to be a bit behind in checking up and commenting on all of you so I appologize for that. I'll probably be slow again here soon.


Anonymous said...

you are so positive. i am glad hubby is back home. that is so cute that he wanted captain crunch. now i want it. :)

Sagan said...

Aw man, everything always seems to happen at once, doesn't it?

Am very much empathizing with the kitchen explosion.

Hope you can get to kickboxing/take the dog out to de-stress a little! You're handling all of this so well!

Jen said...

I THINK you kind of get a "get out of jail free" card on this one...

Glad hubby is home and that he is doing good!!! You are doing a great job taking care of him (WOW about the jello though!! I didn't realize it would do that eithe!!!)

Sara said...

okay I know there is no excuses in BLBE, but I actually think this is a reason not an excuse. I think you did amazing - you stuck on plan for most of this stressful time - wow that is pretty darn amazing and you should be really proud of yourself!

Hope the hubby heals up quick!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

I knew no matter what you'd be right back ready to go ;-)

I'm glad hubby faired out well and will be okay.

I had a similar experience with a cup of coffee I was taking out of the microwave one morning. I bumped it on the way out of the the microwave, threw the contents of it in my own face, hair, all over my clothes and it somehow managed to soak the entire stove (and inside the burners), all over the counter, down the drawers, all over the side of the fridge and the floor! And I was SOAKED - all from one cup of coffee! Nice way to start my day!


Carolyn said...

YIKES! What a week you've been having. I'm so glad to hear though that hubby is ok. That would be awful. Tell him to rest up and not rush his recovery!

I think you've been doing pretty good this week considering all you're going through. I'm such a neat freak that the jello story almost gave me hives! Yikes!!