Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The b*tch is back!

That's an Elton John song right?

So yeah, I'm back. Feeling awesome, kicking ass.

Started with a great day at work. I got a couple compliments on my work in our monthly meeting from the boss. Like 3 or so! And as it was in our meeting, the whole company heard. So I felt pretty good about that.

Second, I had a good workout! Not great, it's hard to get back in the groove. Plus I didn't have a plan for what I was gonna do. But I hit all my major muscle groups and felt the burn. Did 5 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and some killer T plank things. Love those. New favorite exercise. I gotta start thinking whether I want to stay going to this gym or switch once I'm done my defense (it's the university gym). Interesting to play around with, scope out other gyms and stuff.

Then when I got home, hubby had made hamburgers and I had one with no mayo or cheese. Just ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato. I also cooked up some peas and ate 1.5 cups of that! mmm. Hubby had some chips out for his side (doritos mixed bag thing). They grew up like that, as in potato chips could be a reasonable substitute for potatoes or rice or something. So I wasn't going to do that (never would) but normally I would have like 2 chips to try them as I'm closing the bag up and putting them away. Didn't! Just said "I'm not eating these" and put them away. Hubby was like "doesn't mean I'm not!" but I told him he had some on his plate already and that was enough. I don't really know how his whole diet thing is going this week. He hasnt' been eating the yogurts and cheese strings. (so far the big thing we talked about was eating protein at every meal and eating every 3 hours). I'll check up on him tonight.

Finally last night, I was reading some magazines looking for recipes for lunch today (had no lettuce for a salad and no real leftovers either). Hubby reminded me that I had to kill the weeds tonight so they'd die by friday (when we put our sod in). So I went out and did that, which since we had a crappy sprayer involved a lot of squatting. Plus a really good forearm workout squeezing that trigger. Then I saw the dog was basically bananas so I took her for a 15 minute bike ride. That's never a GREAT workout because I feel bad going too fast for too long with her (she won't slow down and let me know she's tired, but she foams at the mouth and collapses inside the house). I did feel it in my legs a bit so that's good enough for me. Especially for a bonus workout. Then it was bed time!

My mom and dad leave today for a month. they're bringing me all sorts of food that will go bad, lots of garden stuff. And raspberries so I can try that jam thing again. I'm planning on gifting that out at Christmas. But they're also just so good with a bit of sugar (or splenda). hmm, we'll see what I end up doing. Anyway, they leave tonight and I've got to drop them at the airport, so that might cut in to my workout time (as it's cold and dark early now a days). I should be able to do some strength stuff at home afterwards though.

I totally feel better after that good workout. I noticed a difference in my belly this morning already, not to say I lost fat, but I tightened it up considerably (my body works instantly like that remember?) Definately feeling motivated to keep it up!


eurydice said...

your motivation is contagious! keep up the good work...

spunkysuzi said...

Good for you ;)

Jen said...

Bah, my inlaws think cihps are a suitable side dish as well!!! For me that ONLY happens while camping!!!

I love that you are totally on your game! I think you probably look WAY better than your SIL but soon you might FEEL like you do (big difference I think!!)

katieo said...

I know what you mean. Even after one good run or a good lifting and it's usually enough to make me feel awesome again.

(p.s. I'm so glad you found me!)