Thursday, September 11, 2008


So after chinese yesterday I was too nervous (what with the sodium and more carbs than normal) to peak at the scale today. Basically all that tells me is that I didn't do well otherwise I wouldn't be nervous about it.

I only ordered the dinner for 3 and a large wonton soup, for my 2 little (but big) brothers and husband and I. So I didn't get a fortune cookie or an egg roll or any soup. Plus I didn't like deep fried shrimp. So I ate a big serving of veggies with chicken, 2 chicken balls and some chicken fried rice. Probably more rice than I should have had. I also wasn't expecting to eat chicken balls since I usually don't like them but these were nice chunks of chicken breast and not greasy. And a glass of milk and a banana. Not so good. Well good considering it was chinese food and could have been much worse, but not good for my perfect 6 weeks.

Also, because hubby asked me to run all these errands after work, I didn't have time to run or bike with the dog. So that's getting tacked on to today. That, some laundry, packing and a strength thing.

OH! speaking of. I signed up for Red Carpet Ready. (sorta) I got 2 weeks of free membership and can get all these downloads and exercises and routines and stuff. Then it's like $20 or so a month. But to be honest, I'm probably going to only do the free thing. I managed to download the program, a couple bonus workout videos and stuff so I think I'm out. She will keep updating it with new workouts and there's a great forum and stuff, but I think my blog is acting as my accountability. Anyway, I do feel sorta bad about doing that, but at the same time, she offered up the 2 weeks free, and said no hard feelings if it's not for you. So there ya go. Oh, it's a program that's actually really used by this chick for training hollywood celebrities, including Jennifer Garner. Basically going for the long, lean look instead of the muscular thing I have been doing. I just needed to change it up a bit because to make much more progress I'm sure my legs are going to get bigger than I'd like. And it's not one of those "really used by celebrities" things because she actually had Jennifer Garner come to her house for her grand opening live video chat.

Anyway, I'm basically going to be following that for a few weeks until the wedding. I do understand that most of it is going to be in the diet. She said 80%. And the way of eating in that thing isn't too far off of what I'm doing. Emphasis on protein and fibre. Starches in the form of fruits. this IS how I eat. As long as I keep my total portions and servings in a day are reasonable I think i'm doing ok.

The exercises max out at 10 lbs, but I think they will be tough for me, because there are a lot of new exercises for me. A lot of butt work and back work for posture. Plus it will be good because I don't have to drag out my heavy weights and I have 5 and 10 lbs dumbells.

The thing I don't much like is the cardio intervals. They seem way way watered down and easy. Like the max RPE is like 6 or 7. You never get to "hard". I think I will up that a bit. The other thing is it's a bit more time requirements than before. Weights should take 1 hour (not 30 minutes) and you're supposed to exercise 6 days a week. I'm not actually sure how close I'm gonna do it because next week is when my exercise classes start. Still not sure if I'm going to do both classes or not. I'll try the first ones and then decide.

Anyway, not much to say right now.


eurydice said...

maybe the RPE is only 6 or 7 because the program is designed for beginners?

Jen said...

It doesn't sound like you did bad to me last night!!! Given the options, it sounds pretty damn good!!

That workout plan sounds cool!!! I would love to have a celebrity trainer or something...and then the time to work out all hours of the day!!!!

Candace MacPherson said...

Nice to get new routines. About the build out thing - does she have information you can get for a cut phase too. If you're going to build, you definately want to prep for a cut phase afterwards.

Sagan said...

Can't wait to hear about Red Carpet Ready- very interested as to how it will go for you!