Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I threw all my food into the tracker again today. And what I guessed would be another awesome day showed me at 1800 calories! But it also assumed that 1 chicken breast had 370 calories. Google tells me it could be as low as 150 calories. (and since I'm having 2 today, it really adds up!) one is just a plain grilled no skin chicken breast with a spice rub. The other will be cut up into a stir fry (so I probably won't eat a whole chicken breast in that anyway). I tweaked the numbers to more reasonable values (is that cheating?) and it's now 1610 calories. Still higher than previous days but a good number. Especially looking at the protein and fibre again (131 g and 45 g respectively).

And this should make me feel better too. Yesterday I was conscious of wanting to eat all day. (I think tracking my food does weird things to me, we'll see how this pans out...) I ended up going to walmart and buying a pack of individual portioned trail mix. So I also ate 150 calories of nuts and cranberries. yum. Then I got home and hubby got cooking. I have a feeling that the bun I ate was much bigger than the calorie counter had guessed. I also ate a crapload of carrots with a little bit of becel spray and some splenda brown sugar. I also ate MORE of those gummy candies and did not work out! So even though it was a good day, ending it on that note made it feel like a failure.

(I didn't do my sprints because I didn't get home until 7:30, then after I ate it was pitched black out. could have done stuff inside but got caught up working on the slideshow.)

speaking of the slideshow - I need help. I have songs for pictures of the bride as a baby (daughter, loudon wainwright - the song at the end of knocked up, i love it, hubby thinks it sounds hillbilly. "that's my daughter in the water". thoughts?) the groom as a baby (bad to the bone, I don't love this because it might strike too close to home, he was a bad teenager, but we wanted something more upbeat and a little funny, any other ideas?) them as adults with friends and family (pictures of you by the last goodnight. She wanted this song and it works good). But for some cute pictures of the 2 of them together I can't find anything I like. Well I actually liked You and Me by Lifehouse, but it is sort of dated. but I like the feeling. Slow and lovey. Hubby likes Star by Bryan Adams but I think that sounds much more dated (there's something about a Bryan Adams song ya know?). I like the song from the Wedding Singer and the song from Juno, but I don't really think they fit the couple. Basically this song could be like a first dance song, or "our song" or something. So ladies? I know some of you were just in wedding planning mode and have been to lots of weddings lately. Hear any good songs that I could try?

Yesterday I also bought myself some new runners. Well they're trainers actually. We'll get runners in the spring again. Steering towards winter and indoor exercise. (only $70 for some Saucony's. I really like them) Tonight I've got kickboxing class. I may also try and do just 20 minutes of sprint intervals first. We'll see. (I may want to finish the slideshow instead!)


Sagan said...

You should check out Josh Ritter, he's really good. Cat Power is some quality music too.

And how awesome is the Juno soundtrack! I love it.

Carolyn said...

Jason Moraz has a good song out. I can't remember what's it's called...Maybe "Yours" It's super cute and not overly sappy. Reminds me of the song from 50 First dates.

Glad you are rocking the exercise front. Which tracker did you decide to go with? I find that for a lot of the stuff, I have to add it to my favorites first b/c the calories or carbs are off from that they said on the box. I love using Sparkpeople though. Love it!

Angie All The Way said...

It's cheating if you're just fudging the numbers to please your eyes! lol Are you weighing your chicken etc to make sure you know how many ounces it is? It really does make a difference calorie-wise. How many calories per day did you figure would put you in a deficit?

How many calories are the gummies? Make sure you're tracking them too. More gummies and not working out = a tight fitting dress, let's not forget! :-P

You're not a failure by ANY stretch of the word. You are ALWAYS striving to better yourself and to acheive goals. You have lost quite a bit of weight to date and a failure would never be able to accomplish that. You rock everything you do.

eurydice said...

you should get a cheap little kitchen scale - they have digital ones with tare function at home depot - that way you'll know exactly what you are eating. it's really easy and convenient and fun too.