Tuesday, October 28, 2008

baby steps

So I'm trying to look at this whole thing as starting something new, not just picking up where I left off (obviously I was stalled at where I was). So I'm trying to do just a couple things this week (I almost said to get back into it, but no, to get into it, not back...) This week my challenges are going to be to cut out the junk food (I've been eating twizzlers daily) and to get back to doing strength workouts. It's not even noon and I've already dipped in my twizzler bag, so I can't say nothing for today, but nothing more! I'm going to take them home and send them with hubby to work.

Yesterday I had weight class. It has been a while since I've been to this, because of Thanksgiving, being home for the wedding, and I think it was cancelled before that too because instructor went to a concert or something. Anyway, it's been awhile for me for squats and stuff (hard core) but she does an abbreviated version of the class after kickboxing (30 minutes or so as opposed to 1 hour). Anyway, so this class was absolutely killer! Last time I was into this class I was using 8 lbs for everything for pretty much the whole track. This time, I couldn't do that at all. AND when I tried, my legs completely died (mostly legs). My legs were absolutely shaking during deadlifts and squats and lunges and I wasn't going as deep as I used to or anything. But it is very exciting to be back into it. I love the sore muscles I'm feeling today. I also had a hard time doing the pushups and chest work and the tricept stuff. It was nice to feel my muscles again, to feel myself working hard. It was also very frustrating to not be able to do what I knew I could do so it's great in a motivational way.

Today I'm going to walk the dog (yes we've moved on to walks, I wear my winter coat, I'm too big of a wimp to run) and then do just a quick bodyweight interval thing. I would like to be done by 7:30 so I can still have the evening for scrapbooking. I've printed tons of pictures and I'm excited to get back into it finally.

Funny thing yesterday, I'm sort of putzing around at work. Basically waiting for the day to be done. My Outlook alarm goes off. I'm suprised because I didn't know I had anything on it for today, usually it's a conference call or a reminder to fill in my time sheets if it's the end of a billing period etc. I look. Dentist in 15 minutes. WHAT?!? So I quickly throw my stuff in my bag and hit the road. Speed downtown. Get there just in time. I had a filling that was slightly broken or something. but it only needed a little bit of drilling. So she did it with NO FREEZING! yay! I hate freezing more than anything. It wasn't very deep and I could only feel anything at the end and it really only felt like sensitive teeth or something. And I was out of there way quicker and wasn't drooling!

Then hubby and I had a nice evening. He got off work early and I was bugging him about how he was just watching tv and I'm rushing home to make supper. So we made supper together. And it was really good (homemade chicken fingers, wild rice pilaf and steamed broccoli. mmm) and quick. However after supper he went to work in the basement on putting shelves in my cold room and I went to class. Got home and he wants my opinion on the cold room. And I realize it makes me look like the bad guy, but he showed me and it wasn't what I pictured at all. But I said it looked done so good enough. but he wanted to know what I thought of it and I told him I wanted it differently but since it was done, whatever it will do. (and I really meant that, not in a passive aggressive way). So then we had a little fight about it and he got upset because I didn't like it, and I was like "well why would you ask what I wanted when you already had it done your way?" which is a continuous fight for us. I never like how he does it, but he never asks me before he starts. I went to bed and he ripped it apart and changed it. I really meant that he didn't need to change it but he did anyway. I feel bad for making him do the extra work, but really, don't ask my opinion if you don't want it right? I don't think he's mad still or anything, we were talking today, but I'll appologize tonight anyway.

Now I've got a presentation to attend, so I'll be eating lunch afterwards. Always helps with the day, snack will be later and smaller, I won't be hungry cooking supper = eat less all day! (except those twizzlers...)


tash said...

Throw those twizzlers out! Don't send them with the hubby for either him to eat or his co-workers to eat. It's just as much temptation to them as it is to you. Throw those babies out!

Vanessa said...

Twizzlers are the worst!

Sara said...

I 3rd! Down with the Twizzlers!!

Anonymous said...

god i love licorice. i could eat a whole bag in record time if i bought it. bad news. throw them out. by the way you crack me up. i know you don't mean to but the way you say things makes me giggle. :)

Jen said...

I think that's big of you to still apologize to hubby...I do that too...Danny and I had a fight about where he hung a mirror one night...I didn't REALLY care, but I knew my mom would chastize me for it (stupid right???) So he fixed it and put it where I wanted and then my mom came over and told us we should move it!!!!

I agree with Shannon...I could eat those twizzlers until I turned into one...I buy the halloween version of them and it's 50 calories in a little baggie of them and it's 3 small licorices...it curbs the craving and I keep them in the back of the closet...so I can easily distract myself from them and not see them all the time!!!