Thursday, October 2, 2008

I tracked

I did track, it's a very high protein day (thanks to an afternoon snack of tuna - yum!) and therefore a bit higher cal, 1644 (plus a diet coke, I ate my snacks early today! lord help me!) But another amazing fibre day (40 g). It's great what adding some fibre first to your cereal can do, that and eating like 7 cups of fruit and veggies (yes that's right, some of it cooked down in the stir fry though).

You guys should check out this post. It's awesome. Especially if you're an all or nothing person. "Did Buffy cry, eat cookies, and get fat every time there was an apocalypse? NO!" love it.

About my tracking, no I don't really plan it out in advance. Well a bit. As in I always eat the same sort of things for lunch, they're always healthy (unless it's eating out): spinach salad with chicken, egg or tuna, leftovers of supper the night before, homemade soup or curry i've portioned out and froze. That's it. Snacks are always a yogurt and fruit (though I'm trying to make it more veggies and now sometimes a tuna to keep the carbs in check) twice a day. Breakfast, now that toast is a treat, is always some kind of cereal with my fibre first. Supper varies a bit, but it's always a serving of meat (usually plain grilled something) and tons of veggies. Rarely a pasta or rice or whatever. I always eat like this (except when I'm bad and know it). So far with my tracking, it's just been tracking, as in learning what's in the food I eat. And so far so good. I do sometimes put it all in there around 10:00 am and realize I'm high or low so adjust supper plans, but that's about it. I did discover that I can mess around with my breakfast and it has a huge impact on the day. If I have a smoothie for breakfast, it's a lower cal day. That fibre first has 100 calories for just 1/2 a cup. Add that to my milk and mini-wheats and it's nearly 400 calories. A protein smoothie, just 160 calories. I think it's time to switch back to my multi-grain cheerios or raisin bran instead of the mini-wheats though. It's just hard to say no when you see them when you open the cupboard.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll get better at the planning with the tracking thing once I get used to how many calories are in what I eat.


Jen said...

*laughs* that is an awesome post!!! (I always think of the Buffy musical episode every time crap happens "it's do or die" "hey I've died twice" - sorry if you arent a buffy fan!!)

I also like the flat tire idea...this SOOOOOOOO just friggin motivated me today!!!

MizFit said...

loved that post as well and hadnt seen it before.

are you going to keep us updated as to how your tracking works?

DAMN it is a lot of work to do huh?