Thursday, October 9, 2008

help. ow.

My throat hurts. It the way it does at the beginning of a cold. Like you need to clear your throat every three breaths. I'm a total baby about it too. I couldn't sleep last night. I laid in bed for over an hour getting really sleepy but that tickle in my throat just wouldn't let me sleep. I finally had some Nyquil (sp?) and was asleep just after midnight. Then up again at 7! (probably lots of sleep for most of you, but I'm used to 2 hours more than that, and even that I don't think is enough, particularly when sick). Anyway, my throat felt better in the shower with all the steam. And it felt better when drinking my smoothie, and eating the all bran bites on the way to work. Feels slightly better sucking on things (candies or vicks etc), not much better when drinking. It is just constantly irritated. I am definately not hungry in my tummy, but I want to eat something (yogurt, pudding etc) just because it feels nice on my throat. Anybody have any advice? Any advice on the sucking candies that won't pack in the calories too? (I'm almost out of sugar free Ricola, was going to go buy a bag of mints or something.)

So yesterday was a really good day. Felt pretty much on plan all day. Didn't do anything wrong at supper time or in the evening. During the day I ate a bit more than recently (just extra fruit though) and it maybe that helped. I went to class last night even though my throat was like this. It also felt fine when working out. (I think I need to distract myself from it). Granted I didn't push myself as hard during the cardio. But did good during the weights!

I also tried my dress on last night and scared the crap out of myself. It wasn't doing up at all! (normally I can zip it myself all the way up, but not last night and hubby even thought he was going to break it or something. Wanna know how tight this dress is? Turns out I can't wear a bra with it! That was the difference, I'd always tried it on without before. It fit fine without, and I even managed to sit and watch a video hubby has made. (granted I feel like I need to suck in my belly all the time, so I might want to get me some spanx anyway - assuming they fit under this thing!)

I also weighed this morning and saw the very nice 137.0 again. So depending on how today goes, I should be back at my starting weight for the BLBE at least (nice progress, 3 weeks in and I'm at the start!) :(

I was going to go shopping today but I think I'll just do some errands instead. (so still shopping, but not for fun clothes with my sister.) Try and do my metabolic bodyweight intervals tonight while watching tv, assuming I don't feel worse. I hate being sick. Hopefully it at least affects my appetite! ;)


Anonymous said...

i had the same prob with mine. no bra was able to be worn, but now I can wear a bra, which thank god because i have to wear a bra.

Anonymous said...

opps, i hope you are feeling better. not good to feel sick before a long weekend.

Carolyn said...

Aww I hate being sick, especially with a long weekend coming up!

What a scare with the dress! Glad it still fits!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

I had the flu a while ago, but I was lucky it was only a sore throat (and swollen glands), while hubby got the full blown chest and everything. It sucked. The only thing I really enjoyed was sipping on hot herbal tea, like wild raspberry or something tastey and it was calorie free.

And only because you warned us to look out for your excuses, I just had to draw your attention to, "During the day I ate a bit more than recently (just extra fruit though)" Mmmhmmm, I remember a certain someone saying that they'd justify eating more by saying it was okay because it was fruit! Busted!

eurydice said...

i hope you a) feel better and b) lose your appetite. i hate when dresses fit without a bra and not with.