Friday, October 3, 2008


So I weighed in today at 137.0. I believe that's a loss of 1 lb from last week (at least) but it's slightly up still from my BLBE starting weight. And no matter how many times I tried to pee more out or lean this way or that way, it wouldn't settle any lower (it did show lower though, just not sit there). That's ok. it's still a good weekly loss. But it's frustrating because I now only have 2 weeks until the wedding and am not feeling any smaller. But things can happen in 2 weeks.

It's also frustrating because I really really really wanted a snack last night and actually went to bed feeling hungry in my tummy (not just my mind). I made it thought that by convincing myself that I'd see a loss in the morning for sure (supper was lighter and early, done by 5:30, so I figured that food would have moved through me). no such luck.

This morning I had a smoothie for breakfast (to keep it light) but then also needed something to chew on so had a pack of all bran strawberry bites. I don't really like these much. Too crunchy not chewy. So breakfast approximately balanced out to any other day. I packed fewer snacks and a small lunch today because I'm contemplating not being at work past 11 (picking up M&D from the airport, may not go back...).

Last night I did that metabolic interval workout. It was really good. Hard. Sweaty and out of breath. Some of the things were a bit hard on my wrists but I'm just not used to them I think. I even still did it when hubby's friend came over and was sitting in the living room. Just kept crunching and lunging away. Super proud of myself for that. It recommended 1 to 2 sets of each group, and the first group i did 2, but just that took 15 minutes and I had 4 groups left so I did the rest at only 1 set. It was a great workout, and something I can do in front of the tv. All I needed was a ball and a step (which I used a kitchen chair for.)

I also finished the slideshow last night! I think I did a really good job. I used the song Memories of Us by Keith Urban. Nice country song. I even found a program and edited the song down to just the opening verse and then the closing chorus and you can't even find a seam. Awesome. I know that nobody but me is going to appreciate the music and timing and fading and everything but I think you might notice it if it was bad. Finally got that done. woohoo! Then tomorrow neice is goign to try on her dress. It had better fit! then I'll hem it, and sew the button, ribbon and bows on. Then all I'll have left is the veil and that won't take much time at all. I did have a dream (and I never remember my dreams) that it was wedding day and she went to put her veil on and I never finished it and it was all ragged at the end, but even then it didn't look bad, and she didn't care.

I'm not sure if I'll get my exercise today in. (can't remember what it was supposed to be...) Depends what I do this afternoon. If I skip work, then I will. If not, maybe not. I'm going out for supper with M&D and then supposed to go over to a friend's for a Wii party (which I could care less about. This couple is so funny, the girl is having it tonight to be mean to her husband since she knew he's be so tired from staying out late at hockey thursday. So hubby is supposed to come so husband can bitch about his wife to him. Meanwhile I am supposed to be friends with the wife...)

Tomorrow morning (depending how late we stay) I can probably fit a workout in. But that's when neice is coming over re:her dress. Then that afternoon I've got pole dancing class which is supposed to be a workout (I guess your arms right? but my MIL is coming so how tough could it be?) Then the rest of the staggette which should be really fun.

Sunday morning I've got the CIBC run for a breast cancer. Only we're walking it. Ug, not my choice. But still getting up at 8:00 and going for a walk is better than sleeping in and doing nothing. I can always run later in the day if I want. As long as I'm careful around the post race bagels!

I have a question regarding tracking for you folks - what do you do about restaurant food that isn't listed on their website? Just look up a generic whatever dish? Also, how about when you don't finish everything you measured out? (like supper last night, got full and stopped, major victory, but don't know what to track for it.)

I do think I'm going to change how I'm tracking things. Because yesterday for example I anticipated having stir fry leftovers for supper. But instead had taco leftovers. But I already tracked the stir fry. I guess technically I could have forced myself to stick to my plan, but that's really not how I roll. (the taco stuff was in their longer and won't keep as long, it's still a healthy food, I just forgot about it when planning). Plus then I didn't eat all of what I dished. I think I'm going to just get a little notebook and write down everything I eat. That way I can see myself being more accurate with the small things. Plus I don't need to freak over ingredients and stuff and entering new foods online. I think that will work better. I know what's healthy and what's not, and I can see what days are maybe more carby than they should be, or when serving sizes got too big. Doing the calorie thing is really messing with me too much I think and making me want to "cheat" and binge more than I ever have. (I do remember something like this from last time I tried to track and quit for this same reason, I went food crazy and rebelled).

It was a good exercise for me to do for a week because I saw that I don't need to worry about fibre and protein, I do just fine most days without trying extra hard. And my breakfasts make a huge difference in the daily total. I will occassionally stick the odd food or the odd day in just to check it, but I really can't do this. Please don't think it's wussing out or whatever, it really was changing how I look at food and making me think and do things that aren't me (aka opting for a 100 calorie pack because it's easier to track than measuring out baby carrots.) Plus it was taking up way to much of my time at work to find all this food and enter it. I'm still going to measure my serving sizes of things and write it all down. I can personally guarantee a loss for next week with this method!

Anyway, I only have 1.5 hours left here at work until I gotta go to the airport. Try and get something done in it! Have a good weekend!


Jen said...

YAY! First of all, congrats on the WI!!! I think it's a good loss...but I understand, it's not below what you want!!!

And second, for things I don't know the nutritional information too I either look up something similar or break it down and look up the parts...and PERSONALLY, I like that tracking method JUST because I really like numbers...I should have been an accountant honestly with how much I like calculating and all that stuff!!!

And you will be SUPRISED how many different areas pole dancing works!!! You SHOULD feel it in your abs and legs as well!!! have fun!!! It sounds like a blast!!!

SeaBreeze said...

The pole dancing classes when taken as part of a 6-class registered program are a great workout. The few hour one-session classes are more arms and walking around and less dynamic, sadly.

eurydice said...

i think you can do way more than you think in two weeks! as per restaurants just look up a few generic dishes and see what the average is like.

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the WI! Good job working out even though hubby's friends were there :).

Have a good weekend!

Carolyn said...

I too think this is a great loss. A pound is a pound right? I know you were hoping for more but be thankful that you didn't have a STS or even a gain!

As far as tracking goes, I usually track my food right after I eat it. That way, I can be as accurate as possible.

I'm jealous of the pole dancing, sounds soooo fun!