Monday, October 6, 2008

um no.

No, I cannot sit down in that dress right now. I agree that it mostly looks awesome, but the wrinkle part across my stomach is much more wrinkly than it is supposed to be. I'm stretching them to the max. The dress does a good job of corsetting me, sort of squishing me to fit the proper shape. Though there is a lot of room for a lower belly bulge should things get out of hand (but I can usually beat that with just a good week and lots of exercise, oh and regular bathroom trips). But still can't really sit down without thinking I'm going to bust the seams. Plus if I'm wearing it all day my posture and gut sucking abilities will not be spot on all day. It's not a lot of work, but there's room for improvement.

And if things go like this weekend, then a lot of improvement.

TOM hit me. Can you say carbs?

Sunday I don't think I had more than 1 serving of protein, and it was in peanut butter form. (well that's not true, I saw this trend and had a protein shake, but that's sort of fake food). I ate so many carby things. It was nuts.

Anyway, I did have a good time this weekend. Very busy. Friday was mellow. Then saturday went to pole dancing class for SILs stagette. WAY FUN! I couldn't actually believe how good we all looked. Good teacher I guess, or maybe it's not so hard. But we looked good I think. Too bad we're hiding the teleposts in the basement...A lot of the other girls complained that they were sore but I wasn't. I'm strong. ;) It did get you sweaty so it was sort of a workout. But only about as much as dancing. Then got changed and all dolled up and for drinks, and appetizers and games. (not so much games as embarrass the bride. Really funny. Good conversation starters except that her mom and MIL were there. so just embarrassing). Ate fairly well on saturday. Had a couple buns with mustard, a bit of spinach dip and hummus and guacamole. I did split 2 coolers with SIL. Then at the bar I had one more drink. It was a celebration, and I felt like it. No big deal. Water the rest of the night. I never had a traditional bar stagette and I used to feel sorta ripped off about it, but now I remember why I'm glad. Poor girl had to wear the buck a suck shirt (though she did make $100!!) and do various crotch shots and other embarrassing things. Being in the bar made me disgusted with the whole human race and I just got fed up with all the pathetic people in there. (or you could say I started feeling very superior and just looked down at everyone there) I left at midnight.

Got up at 7:00 to do the Breast Cancer run in the morning though! It was raining here too. And we only walked it. But 5k is still 5k so still exercise. It was sort of boring. It was nice to visit and talk with my friends while walking. But we skipped the whole post race booths and tables and just grabbed a bagel and left. Anyway, I did realize that while I am in really good shape I think, I'm not in walking shape. Seriously, my legs and back get really tired when I walk for just an hour (I'm always dead when we go golfing, mind you I carry my clubs too but still!) I can run for an hour and feel better than walking for an hour. Very weird. But I think I might start walking more. Just in addition to my other exercise.

Went home and had a nap. Then I was still tired all day and that's what lead to my carb binge. You get in that carb cycle of sugar crashes right? I tried to break it with my protein shake and it did help for a few hours. Then what else helped was getting busy. I finished neice's dress and it actually looks really cute. I'm really happy. It's not very comfortable for her (itchy inside, and she can't lift her arms comfortably, but I don't really care! It fits and looks good! we can work with the rest!). AND I started and finished the bride's veil last night. I am super impressed with myself on that. It looks really good. The tulle she got me wasn't the best for the look she wanted I think, it's too stiff, so it's a bit wider than she wanted (poofier?), but she was only planning on wearing it at the church and then in some of the pictures. And not on top of her head but under her hair. So it should be fine. So with 2 weeks to go to the wedding, I am all done all my stuff and can do nothing but get skinny! yay!

Oh, hubby went to the doctor since it's been 2 weeks for his appendix and he wanted to go back to work. Well he's not, another 2 weeks minimum at home and then maybe 2 more! Doc is being cautious since he doesn't know how the inside stitches are healing. Outside he feels fine. So it's hard for him to just sit around. At least he found some things he can work on on the computer now (he's got to do his emcee stuff for SILs wedding!). Plus he's cleaning up some of the boxes of junk from the basement. I told him he's not allowed to complain about being bored if he hasn't made supper and the house isn't clean. I'm sure I'll still be doing that, but at least he won't be complaining any more!

Anyway, today I'm beginning a damage control day. Lots of protein, (egg whites and salsa with cottage cheese for breakfast) and veggies. I'm even restricting fruit for a little while (read it in the Nutrition magazine I picked up, how to lose the last 10 lbs, stick to apples and watch all fruits later in the day). I've got tomato soup and stir fry for lunch. so I'm having 2 mini lunches instead of snacks. (dentist app't this afternoon). I'm gonna pick up some meat for supper today on the way home, since I didn't thaw anything. Maybe pork tenderloin if I can find them (for some reason my grocery store doesn't always have these!)

Then tonight I've got weight class. Should be good. Might also go for a walk or jog, it's supposed to be yucky rainy all week I think though. Try out my indoor workouts, practice for winter (jump rope?).


Jen said...

Sounds to me like you did pretty good despite the carb fest!!! You went out and STILL did pretty darn good!!!

Yeah, the dress looks fantastic but you DEFINITELY have to be able to breathe and sit down!!! I am certain it won't be much before you FEEL as smoking as you LOOK!!!

And that's great that you got the dress and the veil done!!! You are a machine!

eurydice said...

wow that is too bad for your hubby. i would go STIR CRAZY!

Angie All The Way said...

I felt the exact same way after our walk for the cure. My lower back was killing me, although we did stand around waiting for all of their talks because my buddy was getting a special thank you, but I couldn't wait to get back in the car. Isn't that wierd?

You must be so glad to get those wedding projects finito!